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December 13 2006

Morena Baccarin's pilot "Heartland" picked up by TNT. The cable network has given a go-ahead to this series about heart transplant surgeons, starring Treat Williams.

It will probably replace "Saved" in the TNT schedule as a better match to air in the timeslot following their big hit series, "The Closer."

Oh, bad, bad pun. But good for her! I hope it works out, but, well. Like any good Browncoat, I regard the television business cynically.
Saved isn't coming back? Man that stinks. :(
More Morena on TV is a good thing.
Yay for Morena!
Nice one Morena ! Sounds worth checking out at least and being cable presumably it'll have shorter seasons thus leaving her free to fulfill her upcoming Wonder Woman commitments ;).

(also 'Grace' sounds interesting, sort of an adult 'Joan of Arcadia' maybe, not hurt by the fact that i'd gladly watch - and listen to - Holly Hunter read the phonebook)
:D Treat Williams is a surgeon again? Yay for more-Morena. ;)
Medical drama + Morena = OMGYAY!!! Sorry I'm a huge fan of medical shows seeing as I'm studying to be a surgical PA...and Morena is just amazing so that rocks.
I thought the same thing non sequitur, what an odd thing to be typecasted as.
Ah...but whappens for us schmucks who don't get TNT? Much as I would buy expensive cable TV packages to see Morena on TV again on a long-term basis...I doubt my housemates wanna get partially saddled with the skyrocketed cost of TV;)
This is great news! I cannot wait to see Morena on TV again.
I'm happy for Morena but to be attached to a Treat Williams project. Yikes!
Ah...but whappens for us schmucks who don't get TNT?

Good point. Do original TNT shows get released on DVD or shown as re-runs on basic cable channels?
I believe "Into the West" (Christian Kane, Alan Tudyk)was a TNT original that got a dvd release. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I love Treat and I love YAY!!!
We get "The Closer" on basic cable service here in southern Ontario after it's run on TNT - the channel is available by antenna as well. I guess is depends on interest/cost whether local stations pick these shows up.
Isn't TNT on basic cable in most markets? I'm pretty sure it is in Los Angeles.
Isn't TNT on basic cable in most markets? I'm pretty sure it is in Los Angeles.

Not up here in the Great White North, TamaraC...TNT is considered a specialty channel like HBO, Showtime or Cinemax.
Good for Morena, and she's listed as a Co-Star (which is a step up for any actor). I like Treat Williams and can probably buy him as a surgeon. Too bad that right now I'm like many of you and don't get TNT since it is on "extended" cable. So I may just have to bite that bullet for this and other reasons.
My dance of joy over seeing Morena regularly on my TV again was abruptly stopped when I realized, I don't get TNT. Just fuzzy basic five networks through rusty rabbit ears, Crap. Well congratulations anyway Morena. :)
I like Treat Williams and can probably buy him as a surgeon.

Hey, he already has four years of experience.
Yeah, as happy as I was for Morena, I was sorry to see Saved cancelled (I liked that), and sad to be reminded that Everwood got the ax. But, as Dirk Lance says, at least all that time Treat Williams spent at Television Medical School won't go to waste. ;-)
Shows on cable, if popular, do get made into DVDs - MONK, The Closer, to name a few.

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