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December 14 2006

Fillion goes for a 'Drive' with Minear? I confess, I'm not really familiar with all the finer points of the (slowly) upcoming Minear series Drive. But the mighty Tim's involvement, combined with the possibility of Captain Tightpants in the driver's seat will undoubtedly bring me to the TV.

Well Fillion did hint in his blog that he would be coming back to TV and he would be working with someone he has worked with before. So who knows this might be it. Wish we had a more official report on it though. Because even Herc called it an untested source.
Hmmm... that's a mighty tasty rumor!

Here's hoping it has actual nutritional value, as well.
Oh, hell yeah :) Here's hoping!
Oh, this just made my life.

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Please. Minear says he needs to recast for someone with tighter pants, Nathan says he has a new gig with someone he's worked with before... it's a simple case of connect the dots!

I *am* curious, though- on IMDB someone was griping about Nic Lea being replaced; I wonder if Nathan is taking over from him?!?
This would shift (hehe) my interest in Drive from "high" to "off the charts".

Please, Santa, please...
This would be so great!
That could get me watching TV (other than sports and news) again, to be sure.
Well someone and others *cough* *cough* was guessing on the firefly prospero forum, I wonder if thats one of the sources used for the ain't it cool article. Here
This would also conform to his talent holding deal with Fox Broadcasting and Fox TV mentioned here .
OMG - if this is true, I'm freaking!! Nathan did mention on his blog the other day that there is something that he can't yet announce. I wonder if this is it. *SO* looking forward to Drive!!
Anybody would think I am predicting these topics.

Hey, March/April. I love you long time.
*gasp* Could this be true? *gasps* Lalalalala.
Tim seemed to be hinting as much as he certainly could, so this seems pretty definate to me!
Between Tim's hint, and Nathan's blog... well, it looks mighty interesting.
Dizzy, you missed your *gasp*.
*gasp* Could it be? For real and truly? *gasp*
Gossi, I guess you are the new oracle! So do you have any spider tingly feeling of the Super 7 jackpot in Canada? Maybe you can give actual numbers?(just email to me please)
Wait a minute, a guy who really deserves to be in work and on our screens gets work, on our screens ? Does the world look kind of skew-whiff to anyone else ?

Cross 'em if you got 'em.

And what's more, *gasp*.
Hang about. So the Ryan Seacrest rumour is false?
Simon, Seacrest out. ;-)

Can't type at the moment. Still cleaning parts of my brain off my keyboard from where it exploded when I read that Nathan Fillion might star in Tim Minear's new series. ;-)

And here I thought that gossi's spider sense was all in his mind. Next up for gossi: upside down kisses in the rain with a redheaded hottie (#10 on the list comes to mind, if Alexis doesn't punch you first for moving in on his woman). ;-)

And just to be one of the cool kids -- *gasp*
Well hopefully there will be news in Variety or The Hollywood Reporter soon. And then we'll know one way or another. Regardless of Nathan being in it or not, it's still a must see show for me.

I reckon Drive would go down a treat here in the UK.
This would be PERFECT. And makes total sense. Therefore it cannot possibly be true!

Am trying not to get too excited just in case - but DAMN.

I reckon Drive would go down a treat here in the UK.

Hell yeah!
Well, the two of them certainly did hint loudly enough that it seems a good possibility. That'd be fabulous!

I wonder what kind of car Niska would drive? Heh. Did you see the Hallmark commercial with Michael Fairman? You can get to it here...
Ditto, Simon. It's shaping up neat. Will be interested to see where they can take the plot from the pilot, and if the premise appeals to people. (I figure car race has gotta be a better hook than space western - no offense to Joss).

I'm looking forward to it, anyway. So it better be good or I'll whinge and moan online.

Re: DRIVE in the UK. I think Sky One may get it due to a thing with FOX (like they got Bones, Stand Off etc within months of FOX airing them).
I'll whinge and moan online

Isn't that what the interwebs were built for, gossi? ;-)

So here's a question: do they re-shoot the pilot now, or just introduce a certain tight-panted character -- if there will be a certain tight-panted character -- as a new racer in ep 2?
Oooooh. *crosses fingers*
I think Tim said big re-write, and big re-shoot. He hinted that a lot will be changed. Rumor is there is a completely new character, and he'll be the main character for the show.

BTW, the first 8 minutes (that Tim said will be redone) were classic Tim, with amazing FXs. The racing aspect of this show is going to have major appeal, I think. I've never seen car/racing FXs like it on TV before. It's very eye-catching and very comment worthy.
All of the scenes that were shot in the cars were in front of a green screen, so the racing scenes can be switched around. The pilot is getting reshot with the new actors/script.
Allyson, wait... are you saying what happens on the TV isn't *real*?!? Well, to that I only have one response:

*gasp* ;-)
Heh. I meant that it would likely be easier to reshoot new actors in place of others.
This might be my new favorite show.
I think it already -is- my new favorite show!
This would be fantastic!
Hey, I'm just curious here... To everyone saying (here in this thread and all over the gorram place for the past few months) that this might be the new favorite show, have y'all actually SEEN this thing? I know this show has been talked to death on the ol' interwebs, but for whatever reason, big Minear fan though I may be, I've never felt any cockles warming for the idea of a television remake of Cannonball Run (just kidding, don't flame me). So is all the love spewing for this based on first hand viewing or simply on the promise of TM goodness?
I've seen it. I've read it, I have two friends writing it.

Drive is to Cannonball Run as Firefly is to Spaceballs.
A bunch of people may or may not have seen it. Or bits of it.

Anyway: the pilot is good. I've heard. And the production values on the first 10 or so minutes aren't what you'd normally see on TV. It's similar to Firefly in that the pilot throws a lot of characters at you and doesn't fully explain everything from the get go. Also, the whole car race thing is really just an excuse to have a character ensemble drama, I think - much like Firefly wasn't really about spaceships so much as the points of view of people on the frontier, this is points of view of people willing to race & die for something hour by hour. Why would people do that? Family? What family? Friends? Money? Love? Hate?

Also, why race? What's the race about? Who runs it? How often does it happen? What drives the people who run it? Love? Hate? Money?

There's a lot of story you could explore. I've no idea if they'll touch the things I've mentioned - I'm kinda lame with ideas. And I totally missed the bit where they all have sex, although fanfic may cover that one.

Today's show is brought to you by the character ?
Haunt, I was looking forward to it based solely on Tim's connection and having just seen the unaired eps of The Inside -- then I saw the old version of the pilot and I'm sure it'll be my new favorite show.

Tim wasn't wrong when he said the premise was wide enough to tell any story he wanted to.
It may be a lost cause now, but I kinda prefer the idea of Nathan as Jesse on the new HBO Preacher. (See the TV thread over at .org for more details.)

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I was going to possibly pass on "Drive" until this. If Nathan is cast in it. I'll be watching!
See how I BNFed there? Heh. I can hear the eyes rolling.

This would be fine, fine as wine.

(I've seen the 7-8 minutes that Tim's been showin' -- it already looks great. Add Nathan and you've got yourself some kinda finest kind show. Both woo and hoo.)
If this is true, my artistic viewing life is going to be running on high-octane! So many things to look forward to in early 2007; Buffy Comic Season 8, the return of Rome, the return of Lost, and a possible new Fillion-centric series? Googles where to buy a crash cart to store near my TV...
Allyson - BNF? I googled it, and it says:

BNF is an acronym for "Backus Naur Form".
Yup, I've seen what I need to see to make me love it without seeing more. *nods*
Also, waiting for the recasting..
Nathan, Tim...and FOX??

Wasn't there another show that Nathan and Tim worked on together that barely aired on Fox? That should still be on right now because if it was I would be the happiest girl in the world.

The Nathan and Tim part makes me all *giggles* and joy..that Fox part makes me want to cry.
Hey, there will be a few months next year, when will be be treated with triple Joss-ness (Buffy Season 8 + AXM + Runaways), so other big good news can really happen.
Okay, fair enough. Obviously as a huge fan of not only Whedon (particularly Angel and Firefly) and Kevin Smith I'm well aware that one shouldn't jump to conclusions about any piece of entertainment without seeing it yourself. So I'll look forward to checking it out myself when it finally hits.
Yep, Allyson clearly digs formally representing context free grammars. Ah, BNF, happy days.

I reckon Drive would go down a treat here in the UK.

I dunno, won't they all be driving on the wrong side of the road ? It's like a deliberate slap in the face to the crucial (and growing) driving instructor demographic.

Anyway: the pilot is good. I've heard.

Excellent. I hereby give odds on it being shown somewhere in the entire first 13 episodes.
Ooh, this is exciting news. Hopefully, y'know, exciting and true.
Also, why race? What's the race about? Who runs it?

gossi, this is one of the coolest aspects of the pilot, I think. There's so much mystery surrounding the Race that not even who is in it is entirely clear, let alone who's running it. This does tend to raise people's Lost eyebrows a bit, but I trust Tim.

Any rumors on who will be replacing Nicholas Lea? I'm sad that he's not going to be it it; he would have rocked that role so hard.
I just hope they show the pilot, actual pilot, the meant to be pilot, not the second episode, b/c the "pilot" didn't feel right.... *grumbles*
Whooooohoooo! Very exciting- I wonder how long we'll have to wait for official confirmation or (sob) denial. I'll be crossing my fingers, considered holding my breath but decided against it. :)
So, am I sadly correct in thinking that the famous "first ten minutes" aren't actually available anywhere accessible for folks to watch?
gossi: "Allyson - BNF? I googled it, and it says: 'BNF is an acronym for "Backus Naur Form'."

We've been down this road before, gossi, in July, will we now walk it all over again?

(I'm pretty sure it stands for "Benign Familial Neonatal Seizures." Or something. Or other.)
Well Septimus, it starts next March so the first ten minutes should be available to watch around May time if 'Firefly's anything to go by.

Bacon Nugget Fantasy ?
I like "Biological Nitrogen Fixation".

Or perhaps "Bronze Nipple Fetish"? *shrug*
bronze nipple fetish? lol...*rolls laughing*. its actually big name fan. I did a google, was unsuccessful, so the next best place, wikipedia.
Nathan and Tim? *squees*

BNF? Hm, could also be "being nearly famous" or something like that. But yeah, kurya is right its Big Name Fan, meaning fans who are quite well known in fandom, for their contacts, creativity or whatever.

But bronze nipple fetish? I`m for that now. Thatīs priceless. *laughs*
I wrote a whole paragraph about how I'll probably love the show and the networks will cancel it right away like they did with Dark Angel and Point Pleasant and...once I got to the second "and" I realized who the readers of this post would be and how silly it is for me to even bother continuing my point. Duh.

Sometimes restating the obvious is just that.

btw, BNF = Badass Nathan Fillion
button nosed floppy?
I may be the only one who feels bad for Ivan Sergei, if this is true. But if they could get Nathan as the lead, that would be better for the show. And for me.
*Sighs with hope* - I'd love me some weekly Tim and Nathan... in fact it would send me into overDrive ;)

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Well it's now official.

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