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December 14 2006

Chiwetel Ejiofor Bags Two Golden Globes Nominations. Chiwetel is up for "Best Performance By An Actor In A Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical" for "Kinky Boots" and "Best Performance By An Actor In A Mini-Series Or Motion Picture Made For Television" for "Tsunami, The Aftermath".

Sarah Paulson is also up for "Best Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role In A Series, Mini-Series Or Motion Picture Made For Television" for "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip".

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Kudos to Chiwwtel!I enjoyed Kinky boots, a bit formulaic but still good. I jsut can't wait to see children of Men, I am so dying to see it!
And he did all his own singing in Kinky Boots
Yeah and dont forget the dancing, in those boots?? Almost impossible! For men at least....
I can't imagine it's too easy for women, either, kurya, but I guess they get more opportunities to practice. I didn't see the actual boots in question, but I did see Tsunami, and Chiwetel just makes you want to cry for hours. In a manly way, of course. Moving, sad movie; I'd like to see Kinky Boots for a good laugh! In any case, YAY Chiwetel and Sarah (even though I don't like S60, I like Ms. Paulson)! :-)

Not 'Verse, but lots of us love them -- Michael C. Hall from Dexter and Masi Oka (Hiro from Heroes) also got nominations. YAY!! (But where's Julie Benz's nomination, huh?)
I haven't yet seen KB, but my sister did and said he was wonderful in it. Last night, I finally got to see Tsunami, and I just sat there with my jaw dropped. Chiwetel was amazing- the look in his eyes, his expressions towards the end... once you see it you'll know what part I mean. It was really put together well, and the actors did a great job. The opening sequence really hits you hard. I am so happy he is getting the attention he deserves!
Kinky Boots was a fun movie, Chiwetal was very good in it. Can't say the same from the guy who played the protagonist, bleh. He looked just like Conan O'Brien, but nowhere near as funny or charming.

Whoa, I didn't even realize Sarah Paulson from Studio 60 was the doctor in Serenity! I just looked it up on IMDB figuring she had some bit part on Buffy or something.... I can totally see it now.

ETA: Oh, and she was in Down with Love! Yes, of course! Wow.

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This is great. I, too, was moved by Chiwetel's performance in Tsunami. And Part II airs this next Sunday on HBO, for anyone who missed him. He is truly a gifted actor.
Congrats to Chiwetel!
Michael C. Hall deserves to win.
ElectricSpaceGirl, you are so right.

The more I think about him on that show, the more astounded I am. It's an IMPOSSIBLE role to play. I'm (nearly) at a loss for words at how astonishing he is, and how easily he's slipped into that character.

Where's Joss's love for that show? He must not have seen it yet...
Good point, TheZeppo! (Maybe he doesn't have Showtime?) We must bring Joss over to the Dexter side.

*clears throat* Hi, Mr. Whedon. Happy Chrismakwanzaakkah! Lots of us would like to encourage you to watch Dexter. Season 1 is concluding this weekend, so you can have a marathon to catch up on all the eps. We think it's as good, and as amazing a surprise, as VM (esp. S1) and BSG, and we know you like both of those. And your old friend Julie Benz is in it. So, to sum up -- dude, Dexter rocks! ;-)
While I've enjoyed the show very much, it's only as good as anything else on TV when Michael C. Hall's on screen. I mean... he's like... the Jesus Christ of Acting on Recent Television.
Oh and LOL at Joss maybe not having Showtime.
Sure, why not, TheZeppo? I mean, not everyone likes Weeds, yo. ;-)
I dislike the Golden Globes and Oscars because it always seems like films and actors that I love never win, even on the off chance that they actually get nominated.

[Where's Emma Thompson's nomination for "Stranger than Fiction"? Or Ryan Gosling for "Half Nelson"?]
Golden Globes are mostly a joke, though. Because, yeah, Beyonce shouldn't be nominated (period, but also) as lead actress, and Jennifer Hudson shouldn't be nominated as supporting when her performance is a lead.

The only reason we get excited is that the Globes are highly publicized (for some reason) and any nomination we're excited about gets publicized as well. Same with the Oscars. It's history, it's what's remembered. Which, you're right, is a huge burn on the actors/actresses/films/etc. that get snubbed.

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