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December 14 2006

Browncoats Backup Bash makes Wikipedia. Marsia Powers found this newest entry into Wikipedia. This could be one of the few entries on fan conventions on this site.

What a great entry, and it makes me wish I had been there. Sounds like the only ones from the show who couldn't be there (besides Joss) were Summer, Sean, and Jewel.

Joss -- I must say, you've done a great job on all 3 of your shows in picking out talent (both in front of and behind the cameras) that respect the fans and are even more giving than many would have hoped for.

To all those actors, producers, writers and such that gave their time (and a BIG thumbs up to Christina Hendricks opening up her restaurant EARLY for those fans) I say Thank you. Even though I wasn't there, I will now support anything you work on in the future. The fact that you took time out of your busy lives and schedules to go to something you were not even being paid for just to interact with the fans, says something wonderful about the type of people you are.

And I'm sure those that couldn't be there were there in spirit, so while they may have been missed, I don't consider it a slight on thier part for not being there.

And totally unrelated (but I've been dying to say it!!) -- I'm getting married ;-)
It was Clare Cramer (and her husband) that opened up their restaurant, WilliamTB.

And congratulations on your impending nuptials!
Congratulations WTB! Do we know your future spouse?
I agree - great entry. And as another person who couldn't attend (though I live in NorCal, the cost put me off and then it sold out, and time wasn't going to be available, and then...) - I've gotta tip my hat to the graciousness of the actors and other professionals who gave freely of their time and energy to re-invigorate the fans of their show(s). I know that part of the role Whedonesque plays is to highlight their new projects, but I'll make even more effort to watch those shows/movies, buy tickets and dvds, and otherwise spread the word of their work and patronize it as a customer.

Oh, and huge, huge props to the folks who stepped up and organized the BBB. You literally worked miracles and probably reinforced the faith of many disappointed fellow ticket holders in the goodness of this fandom and its members.
Looks awesome. Remember, to avoid being taken down, we need to make sure that other Wikipedia entries link to it, where appropriate. also, links to an external press coverage could be a good idea, too.

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Nice entry, but there appears to be a factual error. It says Michael Muhney wasn't even scheduled to be at Flanvention II, but this is incorrect:

Being the spokesman behind the scholarship fund for BE CHARITABLES I was going to be involved with this Flanvention II Serenity/Firefly convention. I had planned on showing up on Sunday for a couple hours, talk about the charity, and then participate in the auction with the cast of Firefly.

It's more notable that he wasn't actually associated with FF at all, just BE, and yet he came out to hang with the FF fans, despite owing them nothing. Anyone Wiki enough to fix that?
also, links to an external press coverage could be a good idea, too.

Actually, I am being interviewed (via e-mail) for a story with a major daily newspaper right now. It's not a 100% sure thing the piece will run, so I don't want to jinx it by giving too much info right now. But I'm sure someone will see it and post about it if it does run.
Outstanding! Wish I could've been there watching this event, but I'm stuck on the other side of the planet. Once again, you guys rule! Your reports are like being there. Forever thanks :)
Congrats, WTB. Your wife-to-be wouldn't happen to named Cecily, would she? ;)
Hey, congratulations to WilliamTheBloody for getting married, and lexigeek for getting interviewed! OK, these two things are not very similar, but I only just now read this thread. ;-)
Excellent article on Wikipedia! One thing that should perhaps be added,in addition to the information about Michael Muhney, is the presence of the Bedlam Bards, who spent much of the weekend serenading Browncoats and supporting the event. From all the mentions on blogs and websites, their contribution was much appreciated by all.

And congratulations to both William The Bloody and Lexigeek! Sometimes good things do happen to good people. :D
Thanks everyone.
I'm a girl, so it's hubby to be, and his name isn't Cicely either *hehe*

Sorry about the name swap above, I was thinking one, wrote in the other *blush*

It was Glory's fault though that I messed up.

Now, can we get a cancelled event here in Rochester so that all those guys will show up here?

[ edited by WilliamTheBloody on 2006-12-15 16:44 ]
Anybody know how to contact the person who maintains the Firefly/Serenity wikipedia entries to include this part in the "fandom" section?
Of course, a wikipedia admin deleted it, citing as the reason: "Unremarkable people, groups, companies and web content. An article about a real person, group of people, band, club, company, or web content that does not assert the importance or significance of its subject."

Despite the fact that the article in fact rather methodically explained its significance. Heh.
I don't know how Wikipedia works. Can a shorter version be added to the Firefly page under fandom?
I know it's been awhile since this thread started, wanted to post that Wikipedia still pulling the same crap. They are fighting over Sally Ride's life with her partner of 27 years.

I stay away from W, unless I'm looking up episode lists. To think, W is killing off Britannica Encyclopedia

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