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December 15 2006

'Grahh.. I Have Post-Party Syndrome'. Arwen Bijker posts another installment of "Notes on a Fridge", in which the crew of Serenity recover from B3. Follow-up to the previously-linked emergency edition which hit last Friday.

Includes direct and indirect references to actual events at B3. Warning to attendees: If you thought you were done crying, you were wrong.

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I LOVE these guys (or is it just one person?)! The emergency note on the fridge was great, this one is also of a highly rockin' nature.

River is holed up in her room. Someone gave her a book about a wizard kid.

Well, I reckon she did come from the farthest away. ;-)
Man o' man, I almost wish that I had been robbed of about a thousand dollars to have experienced this event! ;)
Just one person, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Flan/BBB-centred notes :-) Have you seen the other ones?

Thanks for posting Bix!

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