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December 15 2006

Tim Minear Vid from the Backup Bash. Someone's posted a video on YouTube of Tim from the Backup Bash, including the whole "tighter pants" thing.

Hee! "It's been picked up more than Paris Hilton." Oh, Tim.
I saw the video, too, which puts my description of the event to shame. Still, I've added links to my website, along with the Bedlam Bards BBB song.
Tim Minear's appearance and live commentary to 'Ariel' was really one of the high points in a weekend filled with some amazing highs. I am very excited about 'Drive'!
I really agree embers. It was such a great surprise on top of other great surprises. I couldn't figure out how it could get better yet it did. I'm still in awe.
I'm pretty certain Tim didn't want any of this going on the internet... I know the people who do the 'sending a wave' podcast and Tim didn't want any of his stuff going out.

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I've sent an email off to seek clarification. If it's not supposed to be online, I'll delete this entry.
I know that Jonathan asked that none of his work be put up but Tim never publicly said so. Could be he said that privately, of course.
It's all good. Here umm endeth the lesson.
I was just passing on what the people at SaW were told by the guys organising the back up bash. If Tim is okay to have it online, maybe some of it could go out on their podcast?
I can see why this would be OK -- it's mostly the video that Tim put up on YouTube himself. Plus, now the world knows who will be wearing the tight pants in Drive, yo. But, I'm glad Simon double-checked for permission anyway. BTW, thanks, Jackal for linking it! :-)

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