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December 15 2006

Adam Baldwin's show "Day Break" off ABC schedule. ABC has announced it will pull the remaining episodes of "Day Break" to make room for new comedies starting January 3rd. The remaining episodes will be streamed at This is due to the show, along with "Show Me the Money", hitting new ratings lows.

That makes him available for Drive. I think he would make a great copilot for a rogue landscaper. He could be a rogue house painter! Gotta watch out for those rogue houses...
That makes him available for Drive.

Hmm. And Standoff is struggling, so Gina might be available as well. Loni Peristere of Zoic has been working on Drive, so a few tweaks to the software and we can have spaceships instead of cars....
Smells like a Firefly conspiracy.
Final nail in the coffin for US tv - dross tv for the idiot masses. Those with IQ>5 need not apply. Oh well, presumably they have made all 13 episodes and will release on DVD.
I wouldn't call the cancellation of Day Break a problem. The show was horrible. I call the low ratings a sign of US audience having taste. Seriously. This was bad TV. I know we all love Adam, but this was not the vehicle for him.
Poor Adam. How many cancelled series is that for him? Someone needs to give him a break, but apparently not Day Break. I must say I saw about half of one episode, and it didn't do anything at all for me. But I hope Adam lands in a long-term gig soon.
Sorry, Adam. You'll find something better, and soon, I'm sure! And, I agree, how hard would it rock for Adam to play another racer in Drive?!

From what I've read on B3 reports, he chatted with a few people about the low ratings and seemed very philosophical, not heartbroken, so yay for taking it all in stride! IMO, since Adam just had a small role, and I have to agree I didn't like the show, this just means going on to bigger and better, literally! :-)
Well, either Drive or better yet give him the lead in the new Stargate series in development. Put him back in the role he played in the first part of Heroes (SG-1 episode, not the Heroes series) and let him lead a new team through the Stargate as Colonel Dixon.

The team would also be including Vala, of course. ;)
The good news is Adam has been in the acting business a long time, and he has always been working. I trust that eventually he will get another good role like Jayne Cobb, which was just an excellent character to get to play.

I watched Daybreak once but wasn't thrilled, Adam was in it for maybe 5 minutes. I was much more upset when The Inside was cancelled, I wish that series had stayed around longer.
I'm also sad for Adam that the show got pulled, but it was a bad show. If it hadn't been for AB being in it, I wouldn't have watched past the first episode.

Now, Adam on Drive? That would be awesome...maybe he could even get to have the facial hair again. ;)
Can we have Adam on Doctor Who please?
Does this mean "The Nine" might have a shot of coming back? I'm all down for the Adam love, but "The Nine" was a much better show.
After having so much success two seasons ago with Lost and Desperate Housewives, ABC are really finding it hard to catch that second bottle of lightning, aren't they? This season has been particularly poor for them, with regard to their new shows.

On a slightly selfish note, at least this is (sort of) good news for Lost fans. As long as ABC struggle to find a new (possibly cheaper) hit show they aren't going to be worrying so much about the fact Lost is a little down in the ratings. Better to have a hit show with lower numbers than have no hit show at all. I'd imagine that the lack of anything new on the current ABC schedule at this point will all but guarantee Lost gets the five seasons it requires to tell it's story. It's just a shame that they weren't willing to give Invasion another year to gain a decent audience. It had the potential to be a fantastic series. After this season I think they might regret not being a little more open to letting it return.
I guess everyone's dislike of the show explains the sinking ratings but I'm surprised to read that. It seemed to me the tight plotting and the developing characters would be exactly the sort of show that would appeal to people who have enjoyed shows like VM or the Whedonverse series'. I'm actually quite disappointed to read this.

I didn't think the series probably had a long term future because it was complicated and difficult for new viewers to hook into. I actually think it would be a better DVD series due to the amount of interwoven storylines and number of people and issues to remember week to week. Hopefully the owners will go this route and release the series as a set.
I liked the show and I'm disappointed, but at least I can find out how it ends by downloading from ABC's website. Adam seems to be getting a lot more screen time as the episodes progress, and he's great in this show. Damn, oh well.
"The show was horrible. I call the low ratings a sign of US audience having taste. Seriously. This was bad TV."

LOL. Tamara, now I'm curious - what currently airing TV shows do you think are good?
I really liked this show. And I am tired of the new wave of TV execs that don't give a show a proper time to set in. It's all right here right now. Well, I'm sorry but I don't watch TV at breakneck speed.

Yes, I am an older person. I remember the days when you could turn on the TV on any given night and know exactly what show would be on. I remember when they didn't preempt or switch nights or times. Or interrupt a popular show to show a new one. They're all gimmicks and they are not working. Viewers get outraged, don't they know this?

Anyway, off soapbox now...
The Immortal: ABC does have a genuine new hit with Ugly Betty, which is really the only new show besides Heroes to really break out this season. But they have had particular trouble, as everyone has had (minus Heroes, and to a lesser extent, Jericho), with new, highly serialized dramas.
I really don't understand the dislike of this show. Perhaps it's less of a character-centric show than Whedonites normally enjoy (none of the characters except for Hopper can even develop), but it's very tightly plotted and the writing and acting is quite good. I got hooked on it very quickly and am sad to see it go so soon.

Anyway, it doesn't seem like ABC's doing that badly this season, despite the failures of Day Break and The Nine. Lost may be declining in viewers, but it's still one of the highest rated shows in the US. Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housevives are still doing great as well. And ABC's also got 2 new hits, Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters.
Succatash, maybe I was a bit harsh, but I really tried to like Day Break and I just couldn't.

I think Heroes and BSG are the best shows on TV right now. After those two, I am enjoying Doctor Who, Supernatural, Studio 60, Veronica Mars, House, Bones, HIMYM, Men in Trees (which ABC is also considering a hit, making three new hits this year), Greys, Ugly Betty, and Jericho.

I am very much looking forward to The Dresden Files, 24, and Drive.

ABC has an extrememly strong schedule and is not at all hurting for 1 hour shows. The easily won the November sweeps in the 18-49 demographic and they were hindered (not helped) by Day Break.

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The acting was fine but the premise and writing didn't seem to "click" with me... It will not be missed.
No TamaraC this was brilliant tv, just because you were unable to understand it doesn't mean its bad tv.

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Pumps, I humbly apologize for my apparent lack of comprehension skills.
I really like what I've seen of this show so far, but I can see the limited appeal as well. All this hiatus stuff is for the birds anyway. Give me back my Supernatural!!!!!


Plus, from the new shows, Dexter is by far the best.
Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure whether I was wrong about ABC or not. I just had a search to find some information about Ugly Betty (which I'd heard of but not really taken any notice of) and Brothers and Sisters (which I was totally clueless about, I admit).

It does seem that they have two new shows that are doing pretty well but the fact that I knew next to nothing about the first and hadn't even heard of the second makes me wonder if those shows will achieve the worldwide success of Lost and Desperate Housewives. Not that this should really bother ABC at this point. Success at home is what matters at first. I'm just surprised that Brothers and Sisters is doing so well despite being a little under the radar internationally. Especially as I do try to follow what new shows are cropping up Stateside.

To clarify though, I wasn't suggesting that ABC were struggling overall. They are still riding high on established shows like Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal. I just meant that they seemed to be finding it hard to come up with a new success in the last couple of seasons. I'm pretty certain that neither Ugly Betty or Brothers and Sisters will be my kind of shows (way too down to earth in concept to keep me entertained) but hopefully they will continue to do well for ABC.
"I just meant that they seemed to be finding it hard to come up with a new success in the last couple of seasons."

Grey's Anatomy was the break-out new show of last year and Ugly Betty is the break-out new show of this year (along with Heroes). They are not having a problem finding new successes at all. I don't understand why you think they are.
TamaraC, I pretty much just said that I no longer did and that having looked into things further, I may have been in error, at least concerning their ratings in the US. I still question whether their latest hit series have the same international appeal as Lost, for example, but that remains to be seen.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I think Ugly Betty will have international appeal, but I am not so sure about Grey's.
Pumps: You may wish to rephrase your language so it doesn't cover as agressive and plain rude.
This is due to the show, along with "Show Me the Money", hitting new ratings lows.

and *This* is due to the show being horrible...

and I do so love me some Taye Diggs, but the man has got to find himself something that isn't so poorly written.
lol! Ugly Betty already has international appeal. It's a remake of the hugely successful Betty la fea telenovela from Colombia, which has eight other adaptations in different countries, along with the American adaptation on ABC starring America Ferrara.

I'd have watched every second of Daybreak if I'd known that canceling it would make room for In Case of Emergency, which looks like one of the worst shows ever.
I just watched 4 episodes on and liked it. The first one I watched took some time to get into, but then it really started pulling me in.

Oh, and AB is in some of the episodes much more than others.

"none of the characters except for Hopper can even develop"

Interestingly enough, rather than developing, they can simply show different sides of who they are by being in different situations, or him digging deaper into the conspiracy and finding out that people are not necessarily who he and the audience thought they were.

Anyway, too bad it is going away.

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