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December 16 2006

Eliza Dushku's guide to her Los Angeles. A rare gem of an article (possible reg req).

Sounds like a great day out! The inside of her flat must be amazing.
It wasn't reg req for me, btw.
Now that I've fully woken up, I've realised I had to register to re-read it so I've added "possible" to the subject line.

It is a lovely article. She does come over really well.
It leaves a cookie and checks on subsequent visits (if anyone wants to re-read it after closing the page just delete cookies and yer away).

Very nice article though I can't help thinking a lot of her favourite places won't be for much longer after her fans get wind of them (maybe those are the favourite places she's getting bored of ?)

Also, super good-looking, always on the look-out for bargains and into sports ? Is she like the perfect woman or what ?

(if I had more than a vague idea about baseball we'd be a match made in heaven ;)
I wish going on a day long date with Eliza Dushku was part of my job.
Heh. I shop at that Tar-zhay, too.
Ah, it's so nice to see the LA love! Since I moved here, it's become home very quickly. And I've been to that flea market. It's cute. And they sell pretty good hot dogs too. Hubby and I *love* Venice Beach, as kitschy as it is. Heck, that I could lay out on the beach at all in November makes me love LA even more.

Eliza shops at Target. Could she be any cooler??
It was interesting for me to see opinions on LA from someone from Boston, as I've lived both places myself.

Love that Target. Must check out that flea market.
When we took the shuttle from the Burbank Hilton/Marriot to the closest mall, I was very pleased to see that there was a Target. We don't have them in Canada. Glad to see Eliza shares my taste in stores even though she probably makes a gazillion more dollars than I do. Nice personal article.
What a lovely article; I wonder what prompted the interview, as Eliza didn't seem to be pimping any movies or anything. Doesn't she look great?

Unfortunately, I couldn't read past the second page. Would somebody please tell me what happened with her and The Governor? I'm dying to know, really.
"...But getting anywhere near the governor, who's busy pressing the taut and toned flesh, proves difficult, so we ditch the sweaty, steroid-spiked crowd and hop on our bikes."
She's a doll - I like her.

Here's the article for those that have been unable to access it.

Now, if nobody minds, I'm off to do some (overdue and frenzied) last minute, trendy L.A. holiday shopping at Target and other chic shopping spots. I may smoke a hookah, buy a Chairman Mao alarm clock and drop my name to get into the Getty.

I may not be taut and toned, but I'm pretty sure I look like a goddess.
Tarzhay, represent! I would have no possessions at all if it wasn't for Target. ;-)

And, QG, I have no doubt that as you walk down the aisles of Target or Getty Villa, people are whispering, "Was that a goddess that just walked by?" And then their friends whisper back, "You mean Ben is Glory?" (sorry, couldn't stop myself) ;-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-12-16 22:34 ]
Great article, made me chuckle. Eliza Dushku seems to be extremely nice and down-to-earth. Darn. I used to console myself with the thought that someone this pretty couldn't possibly also be friendly and witty.

QG, seeing the variety of looks among goddesses, I'm sure that you could conceivably look like one. Maybe Kali. [JOKE!]
I saw Eliza on Punk'd. She was so real and just such a genuine gal. She was so bummed that her friends ditched her and amazed that they stuck her with the 'stolen' merchandise. I adore(d) her then as well as now.

Speaking of Tarzhay, if anyone's looking for an appropriate gift for a friend or family member, there's a gorgeous ruby glass vase on sale right now. We just left there, shopping for the kiddos - that was so fun! Love the shoppage.
: ) non sequitur, that's me, large as life, and twice as purty.

So, yeah, billz, as I walk down the aisles shopping, people do tend to whisper. And point. And get out of my way.

And all those arms make shopping so much easier....
: ) non sequitur, that's me, large as life, and twice as purty.

That's a poor rendering.

Of Kali, I mean. It captures QuoterGal pretty well.

BTW, if she asks you for a ride to a convention or shopping, say that someone in your family is dying, so you can't. Otherwise, the screaming and wailing in terror and the running make the social experience very difficult.
Great article...and how perfect is it that she lives in Grace Slick's house?
billz- Wait, are you saying that there is some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?!?! ;-)
You mean Grace Slick is Ben?
And Glory also apparently owns a restaurant in Hollywood. I wonder if Ben works there? ;-)
Ben the Busboy. I can see the spinoff now...
dreamlogic: "Otherwise, the screaming and wailing in terror and the running make the social experience very difficult."

Yeah, I think it might be the bloody sword in my right hand and severed head in my left hand that really inspires the terror. I may have to re-think the whole accompanying-props thing.

Maybe a puppy? Two puppies? Wait, I've got it -- !kittens! Lottsa and lottsa tiny, fluffy !kittens! And they shall be as gods.

I'll name them Ben and Glory and build a tiny restaurant for them.
I scare people away even without props, or trying.

Back on topic. I'm not very fond of Venice Beach 'cause I find it kind of creepy rather than happy/kitchy, but that's probably just me. I've been to a couple of events of a somewhat more official nature that the Governator was supposed to attend and didn't. I think he's chronically overscheduled, yet he manages to make it to Muscle Beach. Can you take the showbusiness out of the boy?
Speaking of Target, hands up all Candadians who want them to buy Zellers right now!!!

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