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December 16 2006

The Bronzer Cookbook. A project by kessie and k8cre8. The cookbook includes recipes from the likes of Amber Benson (pumpkin pie), David Fury ('David Fury's Faux Brooklyn Egg Cream' mmmm) and Nancy Holder (Anti Vampire Pasta - tasty and practical). All proceeds (minus cost of publishing) go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Congrats Kessie and K8 on getting your cookbook done!! It sounds great!

I can't believe they finally got this put together! WOO and HOO! I am TOTALLY buying a copy or five! :-D

ETA: Hey Simon- there's a virus on the site. You might want to disable the link. :-)

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whatever happened to the Browncoat cook book
Thanks, OzLady. *g* I'm sorta still in disbelief myself. But, it came out better than I'd expected.

Thank you, mifeng.

rivergirl we were inspired by the Browncoat cookbook, but, I don't know what happened with that. I do know that it took much longer to put together than we'd guessed. Maybe they had similar problems.
OzLady, it looks like the page has been framed to include popup ads, which many people likely do not even notice thanks to blockers. Firefox and adblock plus make for a pleasant browsing experience.

If the popups are triggering whatever virus protection you have, the unframed page can be found here.
The "Browncoat cookbook" - better known as "Big Damn Chefs" will be available for sale THIS WEEK! We've received recipes recently from both Michael Fairman (Niska) and Clare Kramer (Glory, on Buffy) for inclusion in the collection. We also have recipes from Jewel Staite and Greg Edmonson, and hope to get some last minute submissions from more BDHes. :)

For more information, go to:
Thanks Herb! *giggles at name in context* ;-)

k8, my mom is actually a professional baker and has recipes featured in a number of cookbooks so it will be a LOT of fun to give this to her as a Hanukkah gift! :-D

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