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April 27 2003

Christian radicals are upset about the latest episode of Buffy. What else is new?

This article was posted earlier this week -- good discussion on it, though.
The only thing that's new about Focus on the Family getting involved is that they have a lot of Jasminite-like followers and are encouraging them to contact UPN affiliates to protest.

OTOH, with only 4 episodes remaining, the chances that UPN will cancel the show are infinitesimal. In fact, the controversy probably only increases interest in the last few episodes. If I were a Christian (oh, right--I am!) I'd want to tune in and see if Caleb doesn't get his ass kicked. Metaphorically, of course.

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Y'know, if these folks would actually look at the show and this episode in particular, placing the character and his comments in CONTEXT, they'd have nothing to scream about. He's the BAD GUY, Focus on Family folks! Of course his words and actions might reflect a certain contempt for the established order--and the fact that it's an order he professes to uphold, what with the collar and all--well, that should give you a idea that, perhaps, a certain amount of ironic commentary is involved in his conception and execution. Think Robert Mitchum in "Night of the Hunter". Think of the recent scandals within the Catholic Church here in the US. Think of all the paranoid ravings of fundamentalists, both Islamic and Christian, since September 11.

Of course, asking the FonF people to think along those lines would imply they profess a less literal-minded form of Christian belief. That would make them "back sliders" or, even worse, liberals.

It's a bit like asking Osama to take himself a little less seriously.

This was already posted? Ahh, sorry, I normally read every topic posted, I don't know how I missed but, but sorry I did!
What's especially funny is that they appear to be blocking referrals from Trying to follow the link gets a server not responding error. Copying and Pasting the link works.
They're blocking referrals? Now that is funny! They probably don't even know what is!
No problems getting there from here. Rejoice!

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