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December 16 2006

Riverdale = Sunnydale? Peter David weighs in. As comic book fans get into a tizzy over the new look for Betty and Veronica (click here for full story), the acclaimed Spike vs. Dracula writer chips in with his tongue-in-cheek thoughts.

Very likely the first and last time Archie comics get mentioned on the front page of Whedonesque.

...that is, until they announce that Joss has just signed on for a 24-issue run of "Betty and Veronica Digest"...

Joss pens Archie? Well there was once a Punisher/Archie crossover comic book, so stranger things have happened ;).
Hahaha, words of wisdom. I think that makes Xander Jughead.

Dilton Doily=Jonathan?



At a loss for Big Ethel, Mr. Lodge, Miss Grundy, have to say.
Does that make Spike the bully Reggie?

My first reaction hearing that they were going to change the look was concern for the institution. Then I considered that this could increase the sales and awareness of the new comic.

But what about the stories changing? Between the different story format and different looking characters, I'd venture to say it isn't "Archie" any more. It's Scrappy-doo. It's Gazoo. It's Oliver on the Brady Bunch.

Hey, wait a minute, did Archie just jump the shark???
If Xander is Jughead, then surely Anya is Big Ethel, right? ... Okay, that is just so wrong.

Miss Barton ("Band Candy") could pull off Miss Grundy.
Well, to be fair, when the Archie strip first debuted back in the 40s, the art style was closer to realistic (although still of the "bigfoot" variety) than it became over time. And it sounds as if they aren't revamping the entire least not all at once.

Although is it wrong for me to now hope that Joss does an issue of the upcoming BtVS comic in "classic Archie" style? Maybe a demon comes to Sunnydale and turns everyone into living cartoons. LOL
Still, Betty and Veronica turn into Buffy (Hemery High era) and Faith? Interesting. Maybe they can complete the look and have Archie look like Angel with red hair. Then, make Willow the new Sabrina (natch).
Angel with red hair

That would be...odd.
Simon - a Punisher/Archie crossover comic book

Seriously - published? This is some wacky dry British wit isn't it?
(because I'm British, by birth, and that is so dry, I'm getting blinded by the sandstorm!)

Seriously - published? This is some wacky dry British wit isn't it?

Details here.
catalyst2: "Seriously - published? This is some wacky dry British wit isn't it?"

That's what I thought, too, at first, as anyone might.

But then I laughed, I cried, and then felt a little sick for a while, but in the good way, I guess.

I learn so much on Whedonesque, I really do.
No, no, no - Josie is the Slayer!
If Buffy is Betty, then Cordelia is Veronica.
Of course, that makes sense.

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