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December 16 2006

That Firefly online game explained. Good interview with Corey Bridges of Multiverse which deals with the ins and outs of the game. For an alternate take on the Firefly MMORPG, have a look this article "How They Are Going To Screw Up Firefly".

really interesting, and great to see that the people involved are fans(and they did help to pay for buses for the B3 which is uber awesome). I was surprised about one thing though... that there were fans in Fox licensing and merch. lol. Sorry I had to do a double take at that point lol. And if they are truely fans... then...I am impressed, browncoats are all over the damn place!
I'm really curious how involved Joss will be. I would speculate that on one hand he probably wasn't counting on this and isn't sure he has the time to mess with it, but on the other hand it'd be tough for him not to get involved and leave the 'verse and characters to chance.

I like the unification war idea, and it would solve the combat problem.
Yeah, I'm wondering about Joss's involvement, too. I suspect it will be minimal or non-existent for two reasons:

1) He's busy.
2) It's not clear that games are a medium he enjoys.
3) The contract around Serenity with Universal may prevent him from doing much in the 'verse with another company (I don't know).

I do think it's a good idea for as many people (flans and MMORPGers and others) to get involved and voice their opinions about what this should look like early on (even in this proto-pre-development stage) because that will influence the shape of the eventual game.
Interesting...I really hope this is done right.

Though am I alone in thinking that a more straightforward type of third-person action game would reproduce the Firefly world--and, specifically, our beloved crew--far better and more easily?

Still, even though I won't be playing as Mal going on an adventure as I'd like to, I am excited about the possibilities a game like this could offer.
It's nice to hear both sides of the story, and I hadn't thought of the war for unification idea. I like it. I really hope Joss can be involved... I think he said recently or I read recently that he said it's the actors that make the story work, so if he doesn't get involved, I won't be surprised. But if he does get involved, and all or some BDHs, all the better. If I find out the BDHs are in it, but they don't do voices etc., I won't be interested. And I've signed up on Multiverse's boards and plan to voice opinions. The idea has great potential! I will pay close attention to this project -- and won't waste my time and money on a crap game.
I've been playing a bit more with Multiverse's technology lately. It's interesting. I like it, although it's still pretty clunky. I'd love to have chance to develop something Firefly on it, but I presume it'll go to a big studio.
Personally, I hope the BDHs are NOT in it. I love the BDHs, but a large part of their appeal was that they were a handful of basically inconsequential people in a big universe.

I don't see how they could be in the game without being kind of a big deal. And, well, where's the fun in that?
Hrm. Not sure what to make of this. You can go to the multiverse site and view trailers for some games under development. I sure hope these are rough as hell cuts because a couple look terrible. The one at the top of the page, Force of Arms, looks better than the others. Again, I'm really hoping these are very early rough cuts. Otherwise, ewwww.
I hope the BDHs are not actually visibly in it, either. I wouldn't mind rumors of them passing through, or people like Niska (who I hope would be in it) referencing them as his notorious enemies or something.

Wasn't it in the Fanboy Radio interview that Joss said something about not wanting any sort of unofficial fanfiction to go on without his involvement? Because of what happened with Buffy, where characters are doing and acting in ways that he wouldn't want them to/didn't approve of, and because of how much Firefly is his baby, he wouldn't want anything of that sort to go on in the Firefly verse. It's why there's no more novels or comics not penned by him in the works.

I hope Joss is involved.
April - it says on the page there that some of those games are developed by garage developers... it's not like Multiverse make them themselves, the right designer can do wonders with the technology.
Happily, the Fox folks were fans.

Did anyone else do a spit-take when they read this?
Happily, the Fox folks were fans.

Did anyone else do a spit-take when they read this?

It's not the network he's referring to.

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