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December 16 2006

Real Life and Firefly - yet again. Firefly has again been featured in the Real Life comic, this time concerning the MMORPG announcement.

Yeah, I know it's a few days old but I didn't notice it 'til now and seemed that no one else had either.

I'm seeing massive WoW distaste since I've been reading about the Firefly game. Perhaps that's because it's two years old and folks are tired of it? I just started playing a few weeks ago (yeah so late) and I get why there are downsides to it, but all in all, it's pretty damn cool. Yeah, it costs too much and Blizzard sure does manage to suck every last penny they can out of fans, but it's still very cool nonetheless. (However, after reading such good things about EVE, I'm starting to get very curious about that one.) Biggest WoW suck factor: Just too many people playing.
Added to the list of pretty much every "Firefly"/"Serenity" webcomics reference ever (we think) -- now 52 entries long (and counting)....

Anyone know off the top of their head when the other "Firefly"/"Serenity" references in Real Life Comics happened?
What a great idea HudsonVC. As for the Real life comics a search of the Whedonesque archives for 'Real Life' throws up 5 threads - I've not yet had a chance to check if you caught them all.

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