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December 17 2006

Serenity DVD on sale at Best Buy this week for $9.99 - Buy 5 of them and get a FREE $20 gift card - a nice present to yourself for spreading the word.

[ edited by The Hey on 2006-12-17 16:25 ]

And to think I paid $19.95 times six. Still, no regrets. Good cause. Excellent find, The Hey.
A number of good films on that list. Thanks for the heads-up.
I recently found it at Borders for $6.99 (persuaded my dad to get a copy since he didn't have one). In fact they had many good movies at that price including some Harry Potter films, Batman Begins, and Blade Runner.

Not sure if they still do though, it was a week ago.

Edit: looking at the Best Buy list, be careful to choose the Widescreen version. It shows up much later in the list than the full screen one.

[ edited by AnotherFireflyfan on 2006-12-17 20:34 ]
I found it at Borders for $7.99. Got it for my brother's birthday. Which is today!
Also, FYI, the Firefly DVD set is on sale at Amazon: $19.99

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