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December 18 2006

The Browncoat Backup Bash - the documentary. Lovely Quicktime feature done by QMx Tv which includes interviews with Camden Toy and Tim Minear.

Best quote about B3 ever:

"It's a little like going to a Turkish whorehouse. But cheaper." - Tim Minear
Hey, that's our lexigeek!

Oh, and what a rare treat to see Tim Minear, chainsmoking and saying, "I was supposed to be working, but what better way to not than come down here and be showered with praise and affection by total strangers. Which is a little like going to a Turkish whorehouse, but cheaper."

And I suppose that's true...

(Nice find, Simon, thanks.)
(Great minds, lexi...)
Buaaah, I can't view this on my computer. I installed all the latest codecs and the latest version of Quicktime Alternative, but it still doesn't work.

Dare I install the real Quicktime?
I can't make it work either.
It took me three tries to get it to fully download. Each time it went a bit further, until it finally worked.
Great job, but I couldn't leave them a comment either. I will later, though
Lucidmind and Dietcoke: I can't get it to work either, I'm hoping it'll be on YouTube pretty soon (has anyone found it there yet?). After all, EVERYTHING ends up on YouTube.
I've sent them an e-mail to see if they'll consider posting it to YouTube. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.
Just heard back from the QMx guys. They can't post to YouTube due to rights issues (makes sense, given their license), but they are working on a fix to make the video play properly the first time. In the meantime, they say you should be able to view the video by reloading the page and clicking "play" again, but that you might need to do this a couple of time to be sure.

ETA: From Andy at QMx: "Okay, think I got it licked. Try the video again; should work fine for everyone. Just reload the webpage before clicking play the first time, so it clears the buffer."

[ edited by lexigeek on 2006-12-18 23:01 ]
Thank you for checking lexigeek! I have just been informed by lj's secretbutterfly that Quantum's video won't play on Mozilla Firefox and I would have to switch over to InternetExplorer to see it (I'm afraid that might be too high a price to pay!).
Hey there folks,

First, a heartfelt sorry to anyone who had problems playing the video. Turns out we didn't anticipate how popular the video would be and managed to exceed our bandwidth allotment. I've since expanded that considerably as well as do a few additional compression tricks on the file itself that should prevent any further stalls. However, you will still need the Quicktime plug-in to play the video.

Second, I've just turned on (moderated) commenting. So, post away!

Thanks again for your patience. We just started building the site 72 hours ago and had planned to wait until after the holidays to launch. But with the Flan video coming in unexpectedly early, we just didn't want you guys to have to wait to see the interviews.
Quantum's video won't play on Mozilla Firefox and I would have to switch over to InternetExplorer to see it.

No, definitely not a Firefox issue, as that's all I use. Based on what Andy said, it looks like it's been a bandwidth issue. Whedonesquers can definitely put a server through its paces! Keep trying, and I'm sure you'll get through eventually.

Andy, thanks again for posting it. It's really a great capsule of the weekend.
Really well done video. Thanks for posting it and linking it.
It worked on my Firefox (Mac), and it was highly rockin'! Thanks, Simon for posting and QMX for creating this excellent recap of B3! ;-)
Hey - I forgot to say - to lexigeek and the whole crew who put all this together (sorry I don't know all the names) you all are really amazing generous and kind human beings! Just watching this little video made me so happy!
Great video. =)

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