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December 18 2006

White Noise 2 - The Light details. It's confirmed now as opening in 3 weeks in the UK. The Yahoo page has the one sheet poster and a clip. Nathan stars as the lead.

I thought White Noise was the biggest load of rubbish ever. Obviously, I have to see this though.
I do not know if I would count on seeing this in the US anytime soon although Yahoo still lists the release date as 1/5/07. The Rouge Pictures web site doesn't even list it.

Anyone else have any idea that it's really opening in 3 weeks?
There are rumours it is being knocked back in the US. I've not seen anything confirmed yet.

But it's definitely opening in the UK shortly. They've screened it and all that joy to people, and the cinemas have it prepped. It's not really very good, reportedly, although that said I don't think this is going to be 'Voodoo Moon'.

They haven't even done a trailer for it yet. Rubbish publicity from the studio and distributors, to be honest. I suspect they are using the UK as a test bed to see how well it does (as they're releasing it wide here).
I'm miffed. Now I'll have to see Black Christmas for Christmas.
True re: trailers, I thought I might see one last night (watched "Pan's Labyrinth" which was pretty cool and would've been a reasonable choice for a 'White Noise 2' trailer) but no sign at all.

Not necessarily a deal breaker but it doesn't bode that well. Reckon i'll still go and see it though what with Ms. Sackhoff and El Capitan both appearing in it.

(they did show 'The Return' trailer and it looks pretty intriguing so I think that's on the cards too)
The poster screams Flatliners to me.
Do you think you have to have seen the first film to get this one?
From what I've heard the plot has almost no relation to the first one (except for the seeing-dead-people idea), so I'm not going to bother seeing #1 before I go to #2.
You know what White Noise had going for it? Michael Keaton. Here's an actor so sympathetic and talented he can make weird movies, and movies with harsh material, like Clean and Sober, work at least on some level. Nathan Fillion has the same sort of quality. I'm sure even if I think the movie has a snooze-worthy plot, his work will help pull me through it.
I'm really excited to see this. Even if it sucks, it's worth seeing Mal and Starbuck together. They're my Firefly/BSG crossover OTP!

The PDX Browncoats are planning to see this at our next shindig. I hope they put the theater times up soon!
Tonya J - plot not snooze worthy and it takes a few (not bad) left turns on the way. And there's a few unpredictable moments in the plot (so be warned regarding spoilers in reviews). But it's not The Shawshank Redemption.

Also, no need to see first film at all.
What date does it open in the UK Gossi?
Friday 5th Jan, Yorky.
I saw a trailer for it just there now during The Hogfather.
Okay doki, a Whedonesque exclusive of bad news - somebody checked with the people who made the film, and they've put the US release back to later in 2007 they say. Not sure about when elsewhere in the world will get it, but the UK is getting it first (for once).

Also, hurray Simon!.
That's just what I was going to say Simon.
And me Rileysaplank, and me.

Now, to finally watch White Noise.

(i'm one of those people who cant watch sequels without having seeing the first)
Yay for the UK! Boo for the US. Do you know why they're pushing it back here?
Maybe they are waiting for Drive to come out and do well, then tons of people will fall in love with Nathan and go see White Noise 2? (That's the only thing I can come up with, sigh!) Man I wish I could afford a trip to the UK, I hate waiting!
I agree that Michael Keaton was good in White Noise -- he played haunted and freaked out very well! There are worse ways to spend an hour and a half than watching WN, and it's still on HBO quite a bit. I'm also sure you can get it from Netflix pretty quickly -- doubt that all the copies are already out, if you know what I mean. ;-)

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