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December 18 2006

Ground zero at Flan B. Somebody filmed at the convention-that-wasn't that fateful Friday night, capturing Nathan, Alan and a few hundred fans in the Hilton lobby.

It slightly resembles Rugby footage, but it does go to show how sweet those people are. Thanks to bufandita.

I don't suppose bufandita could also make available a single file for download somewhere. I'm not particularly keen on going through 13 different segments one by one. Heh.
Just an FYI for you guys - the two lovely ladies in the foreground? That would be two of our awesome organizers who made the whole weekend possible! Thanks to them for making sure our BDH were taken care of while they visited with us!
Although my server isn't too happy with all the downloads at the moment, I am VERY HAPPY! Thanks for all the video Xmas presents, bufandita (and gossi for finding the links)! :-)
awesome absolutely awesome, or to borrow billz's word, rockin!
A few friends and I took a tour of LA a couple of days later and got very excited when we saw Santee alley! We looked for Nathan but didn't see him there.
Did anyone tape Tim Minear's Ariel commentary?
These are so fun, I found them this morning while searching around on YouTube for other silliness.
I know. YouTube is one of the greatest inventions ever. The internet is a great place to store video memories plus TV from other lands....and some pictures of Joss, too.
This was very fun to watch. Thanks for the link.
Rockin' indeed, kurya! So now I know what rugby looks like! ;-)
Did anyone tape Tim Minear's Ariel commentary?

I believe they did, ESG. It hasn't gone online yet, though.

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