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December 18 2006

Julie Benz wins Satellite Award. Actress in a Supporting Role, for her work as Rita Bennett on Dexter. Congrats, Julie!!

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Congratulations, Julie! I'm disappointed that MCH and Dexter didn't win, but he and the show were up against more established and popular nominees.
Well deserved, Julie! And, agree with ElectricSpaceGirl, completely. :-)
that's amazing! congrats Julie... i'm disappointed she didn't get a Golden Globe nom... but perhaps the Emmys will be on the same track as thes Satellite people!
Hey, billz, can you email me?
WOOHOO! Go Julie!

Sad that that Michael C. Hall didn't get a look in but at least one award went in the right direction!
Congrats! You are beyond amazing in Dexter, Julie!
Congrats Julie!
Congratulations Ms. Benz, richly deserved doesn't begin to cover it.

(shame Michael Hall didn't get one but you can't fault them for giving it to Hugh Laurie instead, he's also fantastic IMO)
Very well deserved.
Watched the season finale of Dexter last night. Enjoyed every minute of it.
Great, I'm so happy for her...
She really deserves it.

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