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December 19 2006

Look!! Joss is an Elf!!! Sorry....couldn't resist. Happy Holidays, Boss.

You can make anyone an elf at

I sincerely hope this thread survives, The Hey, despite the caveat against linking to your own stuff, because this little creation and this site are frikkin' a-dor-able.

If it does withstand deletion, I predict that a slew of Whedon'verse elves will be prancing across our screens in short order, and I, for one, hope to be a part of it...

I always figured that Joss was a Hobbit, but I guess I was mistaken...
Dear Joss the Elf, please tell Santa all I want for Christmas is a pony, a plastic rocket, and Nathan Fillion under my Christmas tree. Thank you.

P.S. You dance real pretty.
That was silly. Keep this thread up, dear mods. Some of us need a good laugh (or to be reminded that we could be worse off than we are)!
For years I've resisted my dark love, nay obsession, with men in tights. Tonight, resistance has indeed proven futile. I am forever yours, dancing Joss elf. Be Jolly little man...and don't forget the talcum powder.
Numfar Joss had got some great moves; I want to wish you all a very happy Hogswatch er Festivus Holidays!
Numfar's moves have a distinctive greatness, as I was recently reminded by the Minear videos. But Joss the Elf is hysterical. Thanks, The Hey!
Merry Whatsitliday!

I just thought it was a Photoshopped Joss with a hat. Oh, poor, poor, Numfar. Made me nearly choke on what I was eating.
Think before clicking.

So, is that the dance of joy or humiliation at being Elfified?
Elf Joss has got some cuh-RAZY moves!
Numfar! Do the dance of Holiday Cheer!

Goodness, that cheered me up. :D
Hi-larious! Please don't delete the link! I needed some chuckles.

Happy, happy holidays to you and your brood, Numfar, I mean, Boss!
Okay, well, I've done a bunch of these, because I've apparently got an addictive-type personality but this is the one that's worked the best so far.

I made one from Evil Willow, but even Evil Willow looks adorable as a dancin' elf. Well, Alyson's part elf, anyway...

"You remember when I said we didn't have music in my world? Wish I could say the same about the dancing." -- "Lorne," ANGEL, "Through the Looking Glass"
I just inhaled my cough drop. Now Iím breathing in mentholated air. I should know better than to have anything in my mouth when I watch stuff like this. Good thing it wasn't a shot of Nyquil!
That's hi-larious, QuoterGal. Lorne fits right in.
Dear Joss the Elf, please tell Santa all I want for Christmas is a pony, a plastic rocket, and Nathan Fillion Morena Baccarin under my Christmas tree. Thank you.

In fact, forget the pony and the plastic rocket...
Wow, the Elf-Joss is really bringing it !

It's funny enough without sound, with I probably wouldn't get any work done at all ;).
Elf-Joss, get down with your bad self!

Thanks The Hey for the happy happy joy joy!
Merry Xmas, folks! For Christmas this year I have asked Santa to bring me a TV series involving cars and elves. (Nathan Fillion is an elf).
I *need* the latest flash player? No I certainly don't - though it may be required to view that site.
Sigh, this undoubtedly has some fancy-dancy uptodate flash that I can't see at work. Simon,I like the pic!
(Nathan Fillion is an elf)

A rogue elf ?

(makes sense, elves are the top drivers of the imaginary world. Fact.)
The Hey and QG - thanks, I'll be snickering all morning
I'll join Embers and wish a Happy Hogswatch to all!
I know I slightly bent the posting rulez about self promotion

(The sight is actually for OfficeMax so it's not really my site, right? Ur...moving on)

I'm glad you all enjoyed it and thanx Simon for leaving it up.

And now for Gossi.....Nathan as an Elf!!!


[ edited by The Hey on 2006-12-19 15:24 ]
OMG Nathelf - hahahahahahha..... *draws breath* hahahahaha

Brilliant The Hey.
the hey...that was fantastic lol both the joss elf(but i prefer numfar's dance moves.. more hip, so to speak), but nathan's facial expression, perfect!!

I just inhaled my cough drop. Now Iím breathing in mentholated air. I should know better than to have anything in my mouth when I watch stuff like this. Good thing it wasn't a shot of Nyquil!

You know, bugmom651, you could seek help with that inhaling problem. The first step to freedom is to admit you have a problem. You are not alone.

Happy festivus(for the rest of us!) and merry christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
If the link does not load give it time and try again later - it seems everyone wants to see the Joss elf. :-)
I proclaim Captain Tightpants to be the new Captain of Tights.
Always love an opportunity for a giggle. I agree though, Numfar could wipe the dance floor with Elfie. I think it must be the Christmas cheer(they just cram it into all the wrong places- it makes it hard to get your groove thing on.) ;)

I just watched the Captain's turn as an elf and with that picture he looks like a deranged 'rogue elf'. Slightly disturbing, we should tell the kiddies that's the scary elf Santa sends to follow you around if you don't behave.

[ edited by onthedrift on 2006-12-19 19:43 ]
OMG! The Hey... you rule! i'm having a horrid week, absolutely horrid, and i had a whole five minutes with the Joss Elf and the Nathan elf where i didn't think about any of it. Thank you!

and happy holidays everyone!
i have a great picture of aly from the high stakes event (geez, that's been over two years ago now) that was perfect for this:

she already looks elvish anyway
omg I cant take watching Nathan the elf do the macarrena !! (everyone here is looking at me for laughing out loud.
How funny!!! I needed that laugh today!
You're not the first one to think Nathan looks like a big elf. Near the end of this blog from James Gunn, he offers his own (non-photoshopped!) photographic evidence! ;-)
Yes, a 6'2", strapping, in-shape, God of Love Elf!

Well that was worth downloading flash player for.
My favorite (thanks to QG) is Lorne the Green Elf.
Oh my such holiday hi-jinks! This is the best thread in a while!

QuoterGal, I have to say I'm disappointed that wasn't you as an elf, but Lornelf is brilliant. Thanks for chuckling up my day
I'm concerned about how all these elves have giant heads.
I just assumed that Santish-elves were anatomically designed with oversized heads. Not that I'm an elvish scholar...

Gaack! Could we be creating a race of mutant elves? Or possibly deformed elves?

That makes me feel not so well...

malformed, when I get home (late) tonight I'll do a very special quoter-elf, just for you...
Thanks for the laughs, Hey! Nathan the cross-eyed elf is definitely my favorite!
Before this thread goes into archives, let me immortalize one more person for Christmas. I already infiltrated his MySpace, but hey! he's special too:

His Secret Life As a Dancin' Elf
Thank you, Tonya J, that was a refreshing view of our old friend J.G., who has dropped by here occasionally to tell us that we are both creamy and delicious.

You made me think of another Whedonish-related fellow whose MySpace profile I have also infiltrated - but I just dasn't do it. I think turning him into a dancing elf might be the thing that makes Warren Ellis hunt one down and kill them.

malformed, I made two versions of Quoter-Elf for you - one in my aspect as the goddess Kali, and one as my ordinary and daily self. I'm not sure which is scarier...

(Oh, and billz, nice find on the James Gunn-Nathan-elf comment.)
I live to quote serve, oh my KaliElfGal. ;-)
Ah you are the clever one, QuoterGal. I could not believe you would actually reveal your true visage to us Whedonesque masses. Really, the 2nd link goes to the general page where the elfhead keeps changing.

But your Kali aspect has always been your most beguiling.


[ edited by malformed on 2006-12-20 15:22 ]
Ooops -- I actually did do a QuoterElf -- guess I screwed up the link.
Here it is, linked properly.

I am deeply proud to show my wordy face here for all to see...

(And whenever I hear the word "beguiling," I am forced to think of the movie The Major and the Minor. If you haven't seen it, do - it's creepy and beguiling.)
Ah QuoterGal! The intrigue continues!

Looked up the movie you suggested and I'm wondering: is it intentionally creepy or creepy in a way that things done in earnest 50 years ago are creepy when you view then with a post-modern subtext?

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