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December 19 2006

The Signal Podcast giving away 15 Alliance money replicas from QMX. My fellow podcasters are giving away 15 Serenity Money Packs reproductions.

One lucky winner will also win a full uncut sheet of reproduction Serenity money measuring 24"x36" and suitable for framing and an unfolded Miranda map. Additionally, the grand prize winner's money pack will contain a golden ticket that can be turned in to Quantum Mechanix for an original piece of pre-production Serenity artwork. For information about how to enter to win, listen to episode 23.5 of The Signal at The contest will be open through January 11th 2007. The items for this giveaway were donated by their manufacturer, Quantum Mechanix (QMx).

If you're not familiar with The Signal, it's a biweekly podcast dedicated to Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. Co-hosted by Les Howard and Kari Haley, the ultimate goal of The Signal is to see the universe and characters Joss Whedon created continue to live on, in future television or movie endeavors. They feel that the best way to do this is to recruit new fans, and keep them motivated and engaged with fan-produced content. Described as "NPR, but more fun," features range from fan-based marketing challenges, to character analysis, to comparisons to other great science fiction shows. The Signal can be found at

Quantum Mechanix is a prop replica company producing licensed replicas for properties including Serenity, Stargate & Battlestar Galactica. QMx can be found at

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