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December 19 2006

The Return comes To DVD February 27, 2007. The Sarah Michelle Gellar thriller hits DVD with extras that include a Creation of a Nightmare: The Making of The Return featurette, deleted scenes, and an alternate ending.

I don't think this is "Firefly&Serenity". ;)
A good point.
They need to bring this out in the UK. Please thanks bye.
Wow. That was quick. Well, considering that I wasn't able to see it in the theaters, all the better for me then :)
Is this movie any good?
The film's out next month gossi (or did you mean the DVD ?), saw the trailer for it the other day (at a showing of "Pan's Labyrinth") and it actually looked not bad.

(cool, got through that without once mentioning how gorgeous SMG looked with very dark hair ... Damn)
Alternate ending? How about an alternate middle too? If they could go ahead and do that, that'd be terrif.
I liked it, and I expected not to like it. It's pretty much the Sarah Michelle Gellar show - she's on-camera for 90% of it. Her reactions to what's going on (I am trying not to spoil anything here) are fairly believable. Having said that, if you don't like the traumatized-and-covering-it-up twitchy Buffy feel from Season Six, you probably won't like this movie.
" Alternate ending? How about an alternate middle too? If they could go ahead and do that, that'd be terrif."

LOL, im gonna use that line sometime...if its ok Rogue.

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LOL, im gonna use that line sometime...if its ok Rogue.

Use away, use away.
I refuse to watch movies without full middles but I may watch this one -- on DVD, of course.

I think one of the problems (and you can chime in if you have a few cents) is that I simply won't spend my money for something I'm not pretty sure I'd enjoy. I saw the Devil Wears Prada -- I knew I'd like it and I loved it. I just can't spend 9.75 on every movie I think I have an inkling of excitement over anymore. I'm glad others can but for me, I need that grab. I can't mosey into a theater and plunk down money for another 'Mission Impossible: III" (Alias with Tom Cruise and 1/10th the fun) anymore.
I know what you mean Browncoat. I skipped Superman Returns because of the bad press (plus wanting to save a few bucks), and I NEVER miss a superhero flick. **SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT!**


I was really sorry after I watched the video. I know it wasn't liked by critics, but I floved the obvious homage to Chris Reeve played by that Brandon guy (his dorkiness, and his delivery of "Goodnight, Lois"). And WHAT a love story! The actor's body language was so subtle yet so compelling (Supes and Lois). My toes curled big-time after their nighttime flight together. That oh-so-soft landing did me in!

I also really liked that Lois's husband wasn't a dick or a loser. He was a superman in his own right, as much as humanly possible. I couldn't believe how much he trusted and understood and believed in Lois. I thought it was very cool how Superman and he worked together to rescue them all from drowning ("You got them?)It WAS a little storybook, but dude got my vote.

Also, any time Lex Luthor was onscreen, the framing and cinematography were riveting. I didn't even want to lean over to take a sip of my water!

Admittedly, the movie dragged a few times, but who makes a perfect picture nowadays?

And now I'm embarassed because I talked WAY too much about Superman and yet could go on...
I agree with the Superman Returns review. Of course, there's another issue in that film that better be in the sequel..along with him actually fighting bad guys more often.
Wait, you agree with what I said? Or what the critics said? Sorry to be a bit dense, impalergeneral.

And yeah, that other issue? I don't know how to do invisitext, but I'm SURE I know what you mean. Sequential and mucho more knowledge, please? Email me if you wanna chat about parentage and stuff... ya know?
Heh, do you mean issue or 'tissue' impalergeneral ? ;-)

(i'm assuming you're talking about the 'Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex' problem that Larry Niven essayed about 30 years ago)

I agree totally with you BTW, Willowy (quelle surprise ;), maybe not quite great (it was too long and there do seem to be one or two plot holes/inconsistencies with what we know about Big Blue) but certainly a good movie. Singer so clearly loved the originals, Brandon Routh did Chris Reeve to a T but added enough of his own stuff to make it shine, Kate Bosworth and he had pretty good chemistry and I totally agree about not making Lois's guy a baddie, he was every bit the hero Superman was and he did it all with just a man's strength and courage. Not too shabby.

(the bit where )

(and the visual homages and in-references warmed this fan-boy's heart without getting in the way of the movie, struck about the same good balance as the Spiderman films, IMO)
Sorry, I mean I agree with what Willowy said about "Superman Returns." I saw it just after Comic-Con, where, by the way, they freely discussed the issue, namely...

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I actually loved Superman Returns, and didn't really understand (or rather, agree with) a lot of the critism it received. It's a good movie, to me, because it kept a link to humanity in a tale of being a superhero. Anything which shows people being heroes day to day (example: kid's dad x2), to me, is a good thing. I know nothing of the comic mythology behind it, which I suspect is where a lot of the online critism came from.

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...where, by the way, they freely discussed the issue, namely...

impalergeneral, . Here's a (legal) link to the essay I mention by Larry Niven which casts a wry eye over some of the problems inherent in that scenario ;).

And yeah gossi, some people take the idea of continuity way too far. Whenever someone says "It's rubbish because it disagrees with the comics version" I usually ask them "Which one ?". Originally he couldn't fly, later he could literally move planets he was so strong, in some he knew Lex Luthor as Clark Kent in Smallville, in others he didn't. Some versions have his powers as a form of telekinesis, some don't explain them at all etc. etc. Basically, there isn't one true version to adhere to or deviate from so why the fuss over details so long as the essence is the same (and IMO 'Returns' maintains the essence to such an extent that it's actually a conscious choice against current norms) ?

(and yep, humanising not just Clark but also Superman was definitely the way to go. Crash Test Dummies did a great song a while back - called "Superman's Song", long mental journey for that one ;) - which does as good a job as any comic of showing why it ain't always easy being blue)
Ok, just to add to the total off-topicness, and not invisitexting because I'm lazy and because Superman has already been out in the US, and I think that's the standard...a few of my problems with the flick:

Lois was blah. She was prettier than Margot Kidder, but had none of the spunk and spice.
I just didn't care for Brandon Routh, but that's not really the movie's fault. It's hard to follow Reeves.
I'm going to have to assume that Lois went through some "Oh MY GOD how did I get pregnant" moments well before Supes returned, and if she suspects he's Supes kid, she must assume she was Super-raped or something, because really...she doesn't remember the Super icy sex!
How is it that STANDING on the krypto island weakend Supes so he could get beaten, yet he was pretty okay with LIFTING it and flying it to space? Super Will Power?
Another Lex Luthor land scheme? C'mon Bryan, you can do better than that.
I was also sorely disappointed in the material Spacey had to play, but he did what he could with it.
Waaaay too much Jesus imagery. I get it. Supes is a man who came from the heavens to be our savior. Do we really need the 'crucifixion pose'??
Why would Clark wear glasses as a juvenile? He wasn't hiding any kind of identity then, or did he have Super-astigmatism for a while?
And well, he was just really mean to his dog. Throwing a ball he couldn't possibly fetch...

I just think with the time and money they spent on it, they could have gotten a really good writer and made it a...well, Super movie. I think it was really a disappointment for the continuation of the 'verse on the big screen. Sounds like I'm in the minority here, but ya's all good.
I think, Rogue Slayer, that his lifting that island took almost his last bit of strength/life (the dead look in his eyes when he finally threw it into space reminded me of when Illyria took over Fred's body). I do think they meant to imply that he lifted it from sheer will, and a 'battery boost' from the sun.

And Saje, what you said about the beat-down was so right-on. That was incredibly disturbing. And the visual bits you mention? Like the iconic pose (from issue no. 1) holding Parker Posey's car? Priceless.

And speaking of Posey, she was the one failing in the movie for me. What a waste! I know her character was supposed to be the "Miss Tessmacher!", but she played it flat, dead, and bo-RING! She's usually so amazing, I was really surprised at the lack of depth or humor in her character.
Quick, everyone attack the unbeliever ! Err, I mean, I agree ... it's all good ;-).

FWIW, Rogue Slayer, I agree about the dog bit - seemed it was meant to be funny but it just came across as mean, poor wee thing only wanted to play.

Re: Kryptonite island, what Willowy said (i'll add I also felt that was one of the few times where Singer used John Williams' magnificent score to try and force a 'moment' rather than to complement one already there).

There was right on the edge of too much Jesus imagery for me - I actually mentioned it to friends in the post-film pub natter - what with the cruciforms, the 'spear' in the side, the whole 'sent to show us the way' aspect, some of the dialogue etc.

(the land scheme I saw as a deliberate nod, the glasses I couldn't care less about, though I accept it doesn't make sense ;)

So not flawless, but I still really enjoyed it, guess it just depends on the balance between cool moments and uncool ones for each individual so YM really will V ;).

(and again, I agree Willowy, Posey was a bit of a disappointment and recreating the Action Comics #1 cover - as well as Perry's funny 'iconic' dialogue - was a lovely nod, me and the only other comics fan I watched it with both exchanged stupid big-kid grins at that bit ;), also him carrying the 'Planet' on his shoulders, the Kent farm mailbox shot etc. Great stuff)
Aw, wish I could've watched the movie with you, Saje. Watching with someone who gets all the same insides and references ramps up the fun immeasurably.

Hmm. Think you could make it over here for the sequel? ;)
Heh, well, put it on a big enough screen and I can watch it from here and post simultaneously ;).

(i'm still waiting for the super-sight contacts I ordered from the back of an old 'Archie' so it'll have to be a really big screen ;)
Fess up. They were X-RAY Specs. And if my order of black-tooth gum doesn't arrive soon, there'll be hell to pay. >:D

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