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December 19 2006

Boreanaz flick, Mr. Fix-It goes straight to R1 DVD on Dec. 26th. When she thinks she can do better...let her. Plot summary, a man who tricks women into returning to their ex-boyfriends soon finds himself falling for one of his marks.

I can't wait to see it! *squee*
I've never even heard of this... whatever happened to that other one with him and the three teenage girls that all date him?
I think that one's been out on DVD a while, numbereleven.
Yep, numbereleven, These Girls is out and on the shelves of Blockbuster and their ilk now. And just FYI the Canadian edition of the DVD has extras, the US edition does not.
I just Netflixed These Girls *and* Mr. Fix It...squee!
I've seen the U-S DVD version of "These Girls" at a local Blockbuster, but is there a website where the Canadian DVD is available? Is it sold by a different distributor, for example?
Sounds like the same plot as Sarah Jessica Parker's "Failure to Launch"
There was another movie he made, The Hard Easy, that I haven't heard anything more about. It was about a jewelry store heist, I think, and I recall that Nick Lachey (!) also was in it. Does anyone know when it's coming out?
These Girls canadian version is on and they ship to the U.S. That's where I got mine.
The Hard Easy DVD is out in some European countries, I'll ask Jesse about the other ones.

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