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December 20 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green appear in new Fall Out Boy video. Their cameo is very brief, but how often do you get two completely unrelated Buffy alumni in one music video, much less appearing together in a funeral sequence?

Unrelated? Don't you remember the time Oz babysat for Dawn, when she was in like 5th grade? Good times...

Seth Green rocking the shades. Good stuff.
And hey, when it cuts to black and white at the end? If you squint real hard, the guy looks like a way buff Danny Strong.
Ha, how amusing. I love that song. Guess they must be Fall Out Boy fans.
Ah this is the popular beat combo group who sang that jaunty tune "Dance Dance Dance Dance". It was very catchy.
Not a fan of the band, but I have an unhealthy adoration of Seth Green and I felt compelled.

It was worth it.

If you squint real hard, the guy looks like a way buff Danny Strong.

Jet Wolf, I'm not sure if it was the power of your suggestion, but I thought so too!
It's just "Dance, Dance," Simon. Heh. It is very catchy. As is this one.
VERY cool! I spotted Seth Green each time, and never caught Michelle. A while ago, she was rumored to be dating Pete Wentz (bass player,) so I at least knew they were friends.

Seth Green, well, he just appears to be friends with EVERYONE. Seriously. Hollywood should have a "most popular" award, just so he can win.

Also, I distinctly remember a time when Dawn tried to hang out with Buffy, Willow, Oz and Cordy... she was denied, and Oz gave her a sympathetic, wordless look.

Oh wait... darn implanted memories...

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Only one I caught was Seth crying at the funeral and Michelle comforting him.

Fun song....

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