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December 20 2006

Some thoughts on re-imagining 'Buffy: Chaos Bleeds'. Revamping (ahem) the game into a "first person staker" for the Wii? Best concept ever.

Oooh, staking with the remote ? Genius. Might make me break my self-imposed console ban (assuming the rest of it's up to snuff and there's plenty of other decent, not too cutesy games out), haven't had one since the Dreamcast.
Don't get me started again on how much I hate that game. Thank god the original Buffy game is now compatible with the XBox 360! Looks great, and pee-pees all over the follow up.
Aww... got me excited thinking this was real.

How cool would it be to use the Wii-mote as a stake? (And how many more cases of flying Wii-motes would this game be responsible for? ;-P )
Ah, i've re-read that a bit more carefully, it's just his idea for an improved version, right ? Pity, thought it was something actually in the works (guess i'm back to not having a Wii ;-) - how could anyone resist it for this long ?).
I've altered the title to avoid any confusion. If there's any justice someone will pick up the idea and run with it.
My only concern with using the Wii remote to stake would be it's a lot harder than pressing X on the controller. I'd be like Xander, I suspect, fighting with Harmony.
oooh, I hope someone does this! I got the Buffy game and was useless at it so only played it once, but I would love to play it on the Wii. I've only done bowling on it so far, which I am inexplicably good at.
I'd be like Xander, I suspect, fighting with Harmony.

And a whole new sub-type of YouTube home videos springs almost fully formed into existence.

"*stabs thin air* Damnitt, die will you, come on, I totally staked you, shit, frikkin thing *stabs the wrong thin air again* ... Hey, wait a minute, you're not filming this are you ?"
I'm sure I'd miss the vamp's heart, the first time at least.
My god, I hate it when people actually have good ideas, and no one does them.

Meanwhile, the most random, not-thought-out games get shoved through and liscenced.

I'm not a fan of the Wii idea (much moving, much?) but I'd kill for a game where I get to pick who I am, and fight the show's best villians. And, well, worst.

You now cannot stop me from imagining a Geek Trio's Lair board, with many booby traps and blunders. At the end, you have to fight Warren by throwing Andrew and Jonathan at him.
I'd pay good money for a game which had sensors you could attach to hands and feet and kick a little vampire ass.
I would totally buy a Wii if just for that. I want one anyway, but that would make me run screaming from my house for the store (and then get all cold and grumpy whilst realizing taking the car as well as the time to put on a coat would've been far easier).

...And I enjoyed the snarky Smallville putdown in the column.
OMG that would be SOOO awesome! Staking vamps with a wiimote?? Really hope someone makes this game!
Could we have a moment of silence for the Dreamcast? Thanks... carry on! :)

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