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July 26 2002

(SPOILER) Wanda round up of current spoilers? EOnline's resident spoiler 'ho summarises what we know already. (Contains both AtS and BtVS info)

Amazing how she manages to write up stuff that's old news & make it sound new. I guess it would be new to people who only read her column & don't do any research on their own. It was nice to see Whedon's answer to the whole Will/Tara debacle. It still frustrates me how fellow fans have responded to that. Makes the rest of us look bad. I for one have faith that Whedon's got the best interest of the show in mind. He's driving. We're just along for the ride. People accusing him of using his position to make prejudicial remarks.. that just shakes my gourd.
The Angel spoilers do contain some stuff I hadn't heard before - specifically the ones about Joss apparently asking Denisof, Richards and Ackers if they have a problem with getting naked on camera. (in a 'worked wonders for BtVS, let's try it here' way?)
Sad that she is supposed to be the fount of info, and she's just rewriting what other slayer spoiling friends have already learned. Oh well.

In the meantime... naked Wesley??? Be still my heart.

Granted, they'll prolly do what they did for Buff and Ang in Season 2. Lots of closeups of flesh, no actual goodies. Oh well.

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