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December 20 2006

Adam Baldwin added to FX Show line-up. He'll be appearing at the Orlando convention, January 26-28, alongside fellow Whedon-alums Ron Glass, Christina Hendricks, Sam Anderson, Andy Hallett and Bianca Lawson.

Oh and Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars. :)

So...who all's going besides me??

OMG they got Clare the Cheerleader and Skyler from Heroes there as well. Looks like I better be checking out flights to Florida.
I have to admit, I'm also gonna fangirl on Michael Biehn. I loved him in Aliens.

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This lineup would even rival Comic-Con. Too bad I live on the other side of the country. Oh, well, there's still San Diego...
I was already going, now I believe I am morally required to attend.
And regarding Day Break (where Adam had a role), ABC will start to "show" them online, each Wednesday a new episode will be up.
God, this is so tempting. I don't live too far from Orlando, it'd be so easy. I don't know if I can afford a hotel alone though...God, must crunch numbers and sell my soul.


Now who'd I sell it to last? *searches*
OMG! Incredible line-up!! And I once again curse, among other things, money for not belonging to me, and homework for requiring me to do it. Enjoy, everyone who's going! :-(
Holy schnikes! As I live in Orlando, I was already planning on going (hello - Kristen Bell), but seeing more Firefly alums is just icing on top of a pretty kick-ass cake. I'm also going to MegaCon in February (Jamie Bamber and Mary McDonnell scheduled), but right now, this FX lineup is beating the pants off of their show so far. I'm stoked.
I'm just thrilled that there's a regular convention in Florida and that it seems to be doing well. It had some Firefly/Buffyverse cast members last year also. I wish it continued success!

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