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December 21 2006

April O'Neil, Vampire Slayer? SMG is cast in the role of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles friend, April O'Neil in their new CGI movie.

From USA Today: "Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Grudge, and TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer) has signed on as the voice of April, the human researcher who serves as the Turtles' tech-services worker and mother figure."

The rest of the article drops some other high profile names that will be voicing some of the non-turtle characters.


Now it's been awhile since I paid attention to the TMNT, but I thought she was supposed to be a potential love interest. I forget for which turtle though, but I never did get a matronly impression. (There was maiden-in-distress so maybe that's how I got it mixed up.)

In the cartoons I definitely remember her being a reporter however. I can't remember her role in the live-action movies and never read the original comic book though, so maybe that's okay. I can more buy SMG as a reporter than being that into tech-services and related research though.
Kick-a$$! I kinda love SMG even more when she does stuff like this, makes me think that we haven't completely lost her to more high-profile projects. Pizza party down in the sewers! Warning: I might be slightly tipsy right now, so don't show up without confirmation.
Ok that is, in the words of Peter Griffin, freakin sweet! Im sorry but I have followed the comics for years, I have all three movies in dvd format (though the third, when they travel back in time was simply horrible), and I have always considered the TMNT one of my favorite comic books. I cant wait until March 30, and now its even better.

But I have a question, the movie has been done for a while now, and it will be released March 30, so how are they just getting to cast the voices of April and Casey?

Anyway, if you havent seen the first movie, I recommend seeing it because it is one of the best superhero movies to come from comic books IMO. And no, April is not the love interest of one of the turtles, but she is the reporter who helps them out. Whats interesting? The best analogy I got is that April is basically Willow in what she does and how she supports the hero(es).

LOL, and I think I just turned up my geek meter but I really dont care...besides, around here I fit right in right?

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That's Awesome!!! Turtle Power!!!
I used to watch the cartoon when I was a kid and the three live action movies.This is basically a continuation of the live action films so it's basically TMNT 4 but in CGI animation and no Shredder.I was going to check out this film anyway but Sarah voicing April is a added bonus now.

They did set something up with April and Casey Jones in the live action movies.
I had a huge crush on April O'Neill when I was younger. I wonder if the movie will be called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the UK.
Wow. SMG and Kevin Smith both in a TMNT movie? That almost makes me forgive them for casting Chris Evans. Almost.

And, yeah, I echo jerryst3161's query...if the flick's been in the can (at least animation-wise) for a while now and is due to hit theaters in a little over three months, why are they just now casting some of the major characters?

And, if this movie is following more closely the comics, and I hope that it is, April should be the Turtles' tech-services gal, as she worked for Baxter Stockman before he got all crazy with his Mousers.

Though I also agree with jerryst3161 that the original live-action movie is one of the best comic book adaptations out there. And, yeah, the sequels will remain forever guilty pleasures.

If you've never seen them but the old cartoon, definitely hit up the comics...both the original volumes, and the current one (which unfortunately I haven't got to read much of). Just make sure to skip the volume published by Image. Ew.

And one nitpick: The article completely ignores the fact that the TMNT are living out a healthy Saturday morning existence right now with their current cartoon (much better than the original, just because it's darker and closer to the comics), including a merchandising bonanza. Yes, this will be their first feature in 14 years, but they've already had their comeback.

And, Simon, with the new cartoon, the Hero bit was finally dropped from the title for the proper Ninja, so I imagine that this will follow suit. ;-)
I'm gonna go against the grain here. This does not excite me at all - Scooby Doo was bad enough! SMG has some serious acting chops, and they won't be used in this.
I am disturbing excited by the prospect of this film, even if it does have a whiff of the dodgy about it.

Simon, re. April - so did every boy I knew! For me it was Raphael. Always a sucker for a moody bad boy.
SMG has some serious acting chops, and they won't be used in this.

She's only doing the voice for the character.
Apparently there's a second trailer for this, and it's a lot less dark-looking and more kiddy than the first one? :/ (I've only seen this one).
On a semi related note, in an issue of the new series of TMNT comics out there now, creator Peter Laird takes about half a page and sings the praises of Firefly. He just out of nowhere starts saying how much he loves it and how he couldn't wait for the movie. If i can find it in my collection, i'll try to throw up some more accurate quotage. TMNT+Whedonverse.... There's just nothing wrong with that idea at all.
Hey, don't knock the original cartoon. Comics-schmomics. I have very fond childhood memories. I like Pizza 'cause of them.

And I saw the stage show...anyone remember that? And the video games....sniff.

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There was a bit too long preview for this shown at World Con (July) with a lot of unfinished animation in it. It looked like it might be pretty decent.
April O'Neil = my personal hero.

Her dynamic with Casey Jones has consistantly been the best since like, Princess Leia and Han Solo.

Plus, she's like, Donnie's hag. And smart, sassy, assertive...

Oh man, do I love the girl. This casting overjoys me so much I could cry. SMG has the perfect voice for it and delivers her lines with the perfect inflection. Much love for this entire project.
Should be good. I read the UK comic as a kid (actually it was one of my two favourites, along with the Transformers) and also had a way too large collection of the figures so I have some very fond memories of the Turtles. Even if they were heroes rather than ninjas. Stupid UK rules...

Was there a spinoff comic at one point featuring a team of other various mutated creatures, maybe including a character called something like Mondo Gecko? I have a vague memory of it but could be wrong.
Holy mother of Kahn!

I just went to and at the same time, and found the very same bit of news in both places. At first, I was like "Huh? SMG as April? Is this a joke?", but the more I thought about it...I can't think of anyone better for the part. Hell, I'm sure she'll put both Judith Hoag and Veronica Taylor (both of whom were pretty decent) to shame.

To sort things out about the difference between the 1984 comic book and 1987 cartoon:
In the comic, there was no Technodrome, no Krang, no Bebop and Rocksteady, April was not a reporter (but a former lab assistant with an antiques shop), the Shredder (who was nobody's bitch) was decapitated (and killed) pretty early on (by Leonardo) and replaced by his daughter Karai, Raphael was not so much sarcastic and funny as very pissed off and violent, the Foot Ninja were not robots, et.c..
It's like comparing The Dark Knight Returns with the 1969 Batman TV show...or the Buffy movie with the final episode of Angel.

Oh, and April is the love interest of no turtle. Casey Jones, however, is the love interest of April, and I'm fairly certain I heard they're a couple in this film.

This movie will very likely kick ass. It will obviously not be bloody like the comics, but it will get closer to the actual idea of TMNT than anything we've seen on screen before...and it will kick ass.

I, for one, will definitely be seeing this movie (I've been planning to since even before it was announced), and now that we know that SMG will be in it, I hope you all will aswell.

Oh, and about the 2003 cartoon: It kicked ass while it lasted, but it's not healthy anymore. It was replaced by a horrible spin-off series entitled "Fast Forward", where the turtles are hurled into the future for no reason, where they can walk around in daylight and use stupid future versions of their weapons to fight silly cartoony bad guys. The animation is horrible, and it's supposed to be but isn't funny.

I conclude this fan rant with a reference to my SoundClick, where my (less than serious but better than Vanilla Ice) rap song about the TMNT is availible for free download and stream;)
I was into the idea of this movie before, now I'
m absolutely excited.
This is pretty cool since TMNT was my boyhood obsession and BtVS from my teen years. Still, I can't believe they just now casted her! The teaser trailer was up months ago--I thought the film would be finished by now.
I doubt they casted her just now. It's just that the contracts were just finished. I believe I read Kevin Munroe say something about having all the core characters cast and recorded since a while back, but not having all the contracts finished or something like that. So my guess is most (if not all) of the dialog is recorded already.
I had a huge crush on April O'Neill when I was younger
your not the only one Simon! ;)
I just watched the extended trailer...yikes. Even as a huge fan, I'm not thinking it looks so hot.

'Tis a shame. The teaser was fantastic...

Still, I'll reserve my judgments until I see it.
I grew up on the original cartoon. I know pretty much nothing about the comics, except that they sound pretty interesting.

I sort of hope the movie rocks. Imagine if it impresses the critics, even the uber-critical-of-the-other-films (not necessarily unjustly, though I don't quite remember for sure) Roger Ebert, if he's back in commission by then? I'm not too too invested right now, but it would be a plus.

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