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December 21 2006

A Firefly Christmas. One lovely Whedonesquer (Mimbles) has reworked the classic 'Night Before Christmas' by Clement C Moore into a Very Browncoat Christmas, and it's so good, I just had to link it.

A Firefly Christmas
With apologies to Clement C. Moore

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the boat
Not a person was stirring, not even a 'coat
The stockings were hung by the engine with care
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there

The Tams were tucked up asleep in their beds
While visions of hodgeberries danced in their heads
And Mal in his bonnet and Jayne in his hat
Had just settled down for a long winter's nap

When up on the bridge there arose such a clatter
That Wash lept from his bed to see what was the matter
He ran to his chair and flicked all three switches
Checked out the cortex and did up his britches.

The stars were obscured but the engine did glow
And lit up the scene both above and below
There, what to his wondering eyes should appear
But a fleet of guild shuttles, all drifting quite near.

With eyes wide in wonder and grabbing the stick,
Wash called up the cap’n and Zoe real quick,
Serenity slowed and crew to the bridge came,
Jayne whistled, Kaylee grinned, ‘Nara called them by name!

Ooo! Rachel, and Tina, and Cory and Stephen!
There’s Rowan and Tara, Joe, Amy and Karen!
To the airlocks! To the cargo bay! Open the door!
Now wake up the preacher! We need victuals and more!

With the grace of companions the shuttles drew nigh,
And the crew with great care brought the travellers inside,
So up to the dinning-room the revellers all went,
With strawberries and rosemary the guild-house had sent.

And then, in a twinkling, they heard down the hall,
A prancing and dancing of someone not tall,
As they came to the table and gathered around,
In danced River, hair flying, with a skip and a bound.

Simon came next, shirtless and barefoot,
And his hair was all tousled, though not bad as Book’s,
The preacher had whipped up a veritable feast,
Mystery soup, protein cake and something from yeast.

Their eyes – how they twinkled! Their tummies did rumble!
They fell to their feasting while Book prayed a mumble.
Jokes flew, stories shared, eyes beckoned, hands wandered,
Where would this all end, in whose bed!? Kaylee pondered.

Zoe reclined, wrapped in Wash’s strong arm,
The warrior woman in a place safe from harm.
Mal quizzed Tina on bibles and broke out the best booze,
He drank to his memories, then accidentally snoozed

Jayne poured out the Blue Sun and passed to the left,
Leaving Mal, on his right, feeling somewhat bereft,
Simon swigged from the bottle and fell to the ground,
River stood on the railing, while Kaylee spun round,

In a dress all of ruffles, she knelt by Simon’s side,
And whispered suggestions of where they could hide.
The guild members smiled secrets, and elegant pleasures,
The crew chose companions after taking their measure.

Inara stood up with a glass in her hand,
And called upon all of the company to stand.
“A toast!” She proclaimed, “To the Browncoat’s great might,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!”

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This is simply fantastic.

Thanks, nixygirl, for linking this...I'll definitely be sharing it.
eep! You said Flickr, not Whedonesque nixy!
Glad you liked it Unplugged :D
Yep, mimbles, this is great stuff. :-D
This is just made of awesome. The inclusion of hodgeberries and the three switches are nice to see. I'm printing this out to give inside my Christmas cards to a few fellow Browncoats. :)
I know, I'm so glad you all appreciate as much as I do.
It was just too good to leave on Serenity Oz, or hiding in her blog.

Mims is made of awesome too, me thinks!
I totally lured her into a false sense of security by buttering her up with Flickr and then linking it here.
We bow down to the poetic awesomeness that is Mimbles. *bows low*
Very cool, mimbles ;).

(except "Day" - even Christmas day - is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles and, therefore, not applicable ;)
nixy, you're a sneaky, evil woman *hugs* Thanks all for the kind words :)

ETA: LOL at Saje :P

[ edited by mimbles on 2006-12-21 14:22 ]
Simply lovely mimbles! :-)
Mimbles! That made my morning! I am printing it out to put in the Christmas box!!

That is some lovely stuff... very playful, naughty and nice! Really awesome!
Ok, not to be *that* person, because it is a very nice ditty, but is this different than linking to fanfic or fanart?
Oh I love it!!

Merry Christmas!!
Mimbles, my apologies... life has been so crazy and hectic that I neglected to tell you HOW FABULOUS AND LOVELY THE ABOVE IS. :) Absolutely wonderful!!! Shiny beyond measure!
I loved it Mimbles! Happy Holidays to you!
Happy Christmas to you Mims! And a very merry and shiny New Year!!!
That was just perfect Mimbles!! Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be printing it up too!
Nice work, Mimbles. Anything that uses "bereft" has to be good.

Here's another one:

T'was the night before Christmas (firefly style)
By chronicthehedgehog

And some more Firely Christmas filk songs (I'm putting my own site's songs first because keeps crashing right now.):

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And the text of Julesong's above songs:

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There are a couple of other offerings from Serenity Oz peeps in the thread where I first posted mine.

Two variations on The Twelve Days of Christmas by spikes red.

The New Silent Night by Splock.
Yay! More merriment!

Oh and Rogue Slayer I is a bit cheeky, and probably shouldn't be linked...but it's Christmas, and we BC's need some cheer! just rocks so hard!
Yeah agreed... nothing wrong with spreading a little christmas/holiday/festivus cheer. I wonder if someone can do a browncoat festivus poem or something(i know i know... really really obscure). Hmmmm I wonder what the airing of grievances around the table in Serenity would be like....:S :P

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