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December 21 2006

A Jenny Mollen interview. A lovely Q&A with the actress who played Nina on Angel. She's doing an art show at the EM & Co in Los Angeles on January 25th.

How often do you watch the Angel episodes you were on?
Rarely. I do however watch the Buffy musical at least every two or three weeks.

Ha! Whatta girl.
Damn, I didn't realise she was involved with Drew Goddard.

The lucky bastard. ;)
They've been together for *years* VirtualWolf. Way cute couple- and if they ever get to that point, they're gonna make some REALLY nice-lookin' cubs! :-)
ahh, she's awesome... and woohoo, myspace!
That really WAS lovely. I think I love her now. Very sweet and funny.
And I love that she watches the show.
It always irked me a bit when DB said that he didn't. I think he once said that once he left Buffy he didn't watch the show anymore and didn't know what was going on. I found that apalling. I know, I know its just a job but still! It offended me.
I especially liked the part about the toys, its like living with a six year old. Hilarious.
I think I want to go see her art show. Should probably check out the myspace first.
I didn't realize she had a Ph.D.

She may be the perfect woman. :)
Call me mental...but didn't Jaime Bergman (DB's wife) do one appearance as Nina? Or am I just losing what little brains I have left after weeks of exams?

Wait...I goofed. Just got reminded it was "Time Bomb" that Mrs. B was in, not any of the Nina episodes:$
OzLady: Ah. I was entirely unaware! :)

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Here's the interview, restored from

> How did you get the role of Nina?

> If there was a 6th Season of Angel, would you've been in it?
I hope.

> Who was your favorite character on Angel, except your own?

> How often do you watch the Angel episodes you were on?
Rarely. I do however watch the Buffy musical at least every two or three weeks.

> How was the collaboration with the cast and crew?
Amazing. Working on a show that has been up and running for five years is like a dream come true. Everybody knows exactly what they are doing. It is wonderful and rare!

> With which person from the cast & crew did you get along best?
Too many to choose. I guess Drew Goddard (since he is my boyfriend).

> Are you a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel? If you are, do you have any merchandise at home?
How do I put in words how much stuff there is???? It is really Drew's fault. I sort of feel like I live with a six year old! THAT IS HOW MANY TOYS THERE ARE. People come over and assume we have kids!

> If you had the choice to play any character on Angel you would like to, who would it be?

> Are there any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?
National Lampoon's Cattle Call hits theatres this January.

> What do you think or feel when you realize that the work you've done on TV has been seen by millions of people and has influenced their lives to the point of remembering your name or travelling to see you in person? (at conventions, etc)
I am just so honored. Really, I cannot tell you how much being a part of this show has meant to me.

> Will you be attending anymore conventions? or travelling to the UK or Germany?
I love Europe so if the opportunity were there, I would go in a heartbeat. Especially Germany!!! Ich vermisse Deutschland!

> What's your favorite movie/series and why?
I loved ROME! AHHH! I loved it so much!

> You seem to be quite the artist. Has this always been a passion, or is it something that you discovered you had a talent for in recent years?
Sort of always.

> Do you have any art shows planned?
JAN. 25 at Em & Co. in Los Angeles, CA. It is being sponsored by Urban Decay and will be the largest show yet. Everybody is welcome! Please come!

> You have a poodle names Mr J.W Teets, could you tell us a little more about him and if you have any more pets?
Teet's is the great love of my life. Two weeks ago Drew and I just bought him a little sister, Madame Jaguar. She is definitely going to be the Alpha!

> Is there anything you'd like to tell your fans?
I am just so grateful for all your time and support. It really means the world to me

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