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December 21 2006

As the year draws to a close, another Wonder Woman rumour appears. Now that the rumour mill has gone through just about every A List actress around in regards to the Wondy casting, it now moves on the unknowns. Have a gander (and a giggle) at the casting gossip then visit the deeply surreal (but with a decent promo vid) Myspace page.

And I thought the default MySpace design was garish and unseemly. Yikes. (It's also broken to the point of not functioning properly.) Meanwhile, this is like Sean Young dressing up as Catwoman to try to get into Tim Burton's second Batman movie.

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That was pretty "B" to me. Didn't think she showed anything special at all. Compare her to say someone like Kate Beckinsale's fights in underworld and you can see the difference between someone who looks like they can fight and someone who obviusly quickly choreographed a fight before filming that. Her movements are not graceful at all. OK, I might be a bit biased because I studied martial arts for 9 years but I still say......PLEASE NO!
Daren you can actually see the film clip somewhere? All I get is a massively broken MySpace page with no obvious way to see any film clips.
The film clip is off to the right...
Heh. Wonder Woman has the Flash and Superman among her friends. I bet Batman is jealous. Bat-jealous, even.
Not sure that Joss would hire her but I'd give her the part. Hell, I'd give her any part she wanted. Okay, her acting may leave a little to be desired but that girl is gorgeous! Yes, I do allow the lower parts of my anatomy to make my choices for me. Not always wise but it has got me some very hot girls in the past, hehe.

Anyone else think that she has the look of an early BtVS era Cordelia? Also, kinda funny that her Myspace friends include Superman and the Flash. I may not know much about the comic book world but I'm reasonably certain that they are on a team together. How very appropriate. :D
I like how CBR claims the film "also shows production stills from the project" as if it's all special and insidery -- when what it shows is simply the teaser poster image thats been out and public for months.
I cannot see any studio asking an actress to prepare a clip herself of her abilities. They have a budget of millions, they'd ask her to go see a stunt guy/gal and have him/her judge her if they really wanted to know.

Sounds like a bit of self publicity here...

Also, this looks like it was shot in a garage and she's wearing a WW contume. Remember the (Genuine) stunt presentation done for Rivers bar fight? Shot in a studio with clear safety equipment and everyone wearing casual clothes. Joss, or any director, can judge someones stunt work and not be distracted by visible wires and mats and he knows what the costume is going to look like...

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Okay, the "production stills" refer to the production of the video, not the production of the big budget film (which hasn't even BEGUN production, obviously).

And as for the casting rumor mill, I still (even after all this time) don't really get the vitriol that this stuff receives from internet fans. There's no harm whatsoever in all these rumors. It's not as if every new rumor or speculation ablatively destroys the REAL casting process (whenever that starts). At worst these things are ridiculous and forgettable. But for the most part they're completely harmless. Ignore 'em if they bug you.

But then there is always the possibility that one of these rumors will pop up someday that will actually lead to something, that may actually introduce you to an unknown actress that you wouldn't have ever thought of but turns out to be perfect for the role. Or they may make you reconsider a known actress that never seemed right before, but now seems to make sense. *shrug*

In the meantime, while I don't buy for a second that this video is really gonna lead anywhere, I think it's pretty darned impressive given what it appears to be (e.g. an amateur, "homemade" audition). Considering how wretched most fanboy/fangirl cosplay vids are, this one actually has a modicum of talent behind it, at least in terms of choreography, editing and no-budget special effects.
I have to agree with Haunt. In many ways the video looks no worse than some of the bad 80s and 90s series that actually made it onto television. For a homemade audition it ain't half bad.
I like the video. Anyone who goes to that amount of effort deserves kudos. The page is awful though and my eyesite has just about recovered.

I wonder if we'll get the official casting news in 2007. If we do, Whedonesque aint seen nothing yet. Going to be very exciting for all of us.
I wonder if we'll get the official casting news in 2007.

[whiney voice]But, but, but then we wouldn't have our monthly fantasy casting link. Then what'll happen to this site?[/whiney voice]
Haunt - the only harm I see it doing is a lot of people believe what they read on IMDB and the like. That said, in context - no, it's not like it's a real problem.

Although if anybody else asks Joss who is going to play Wonder Woman I suspect he might have a nervous breakdown, or break a nail.
Ummm... I'd hate to blaspheme, but have you guys actually watched any of the action sequences from season one of buffy lately?
Right now, if you go to Yahoo's front page, there is a bit on "free hugs" in Hollywood. And who is giving free hugs?
Wonder Woman.
Or maybe she's getting one. I can't watch it, I'm at work.
Mifeng, its just what it advertises...a 5 minute video of a man and woman on Hollywood Blvd. giving hugs to strangers with a Somewhere Over the Rainbow soundtrack. It made me smile. Very cute.
Am I the only one who has troubles accesing that myspace? Or basically the myspace site? I cant even see the damn page.(or video)
I can't find a video link for anything like what this is supposed to be either, on the right or anywhere else. It is probably best, I am not a good audience for this kind of thing.
While this girl is pretty, Wonder Woman she ain't. But, at least she doesn't have 10 pounds of makeup like the girl in that other "audition video" earlier this year. Yeesh- my eyes are still hurting from that one.
Heh, "Zodiac Sign: Aries" made me chuckle (though not being a huge WW reader maybe that actually is her sign ?).

I don't personally mind the casting speculation even if sometimes i'm driven to flippancy out of boredom with it, stuff on the net's easy to ignore if you want to.

(she's gorgeous but man is her page UGly - yep, with a capital UG - and deeply broken to boot, couldn't find the videos link. Somehow I reckon i'll still sleep tonight though ;)
I was able to access this site and video from work, pretty surprising given my crappy connection/monitor here. Simon, my eyeballs are still adjusting... but I had a gander and a giggle. It was worth it. The video link was on the right side at the top of the page. It was, um, pretty good for a homemade production. *cough**cough*

I agree, no harm in the monthly WW rumormill. While it may only serve to compell us to discuss what WW ain't, it's always good for giggles. And as much as I giggled and grinned at today's video, as well as the last fanvid/audition clip (???) linked to here, I will concede they are pretty great homemade productions. I couldn't produce one, so hey, tiny kudos where tiny kudos are due. This chick really does kinda have the look. Kinda. It was her line delivery that... oh well. :)
I thought that was pretty cool. Great job in fact. Can't wait to see who they really pick. That song was a great choice too.
I couldn't produce one, so hey, tiny kudos where tiny kudos are due.

Sighs. So much for next month's competition "Hey Whedonesque posters, make your own Wonder Woman audition video and win a prize" *.

*Prize to be determined by me. Prize also used in the widest sense of the word.
Am I the only one who is tired of seeing Wonder Woman costumes that include nylons and stilettos?
THIS link takes you to the YouTube page if you want to watch Blythe's video (not on her MySpace which is so graphic heavy it's hard to negotiate).

I thought it was pretty good but can't listen to it with sound at work.
I'm waiting for imdb to announce this as fact and put her picture at the 'Wonder Woman (2007)' page, (don't they always believe every rumor they hear?).
I think, someday, when all this is over, someone should make a list of all the supposed Wonder Women out there. It would make for a nice afternoon read.
I cannot see any studio asking an actress to prepare a clip herself of her abilities. They have a budget of millions, they'd ask her to go see a stunt guy/gal and have him/her judge her if they really wanted to know.

Actually, I believe on the Spiderman dvd there is a special feature that has Tobey Maguire in a short doing a fight scene. In order to sell that he could actually portray spidey it had to be shown to the studio, and you could totally tell it was before he buffed out for the part. So it wouldn't suprise me if studios would look at that sort of thing since he almost single handedly made the "needs to be an unknown actor" thing cliche for comic book movies.
Heh, "Zodiac Sign: Aries" made me chuckle (though not being a huge WW reader maybe that actually is her sign ?).

Don't know agout the sign, but the god Ares is actually more of an enemy, so having him as a sign must lead to an awkward horoscope. :-)

(Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics version of Ares--who recently had an excellent miniseries and who'll star in Mighty Avengers--of course.)
actress Blythe Metz was asked by "interested parties" at the studio to create a short clip showcasing her martial arts abilities

No, she wasn't. I just can't stand bull****. Apart from that, I would give anyone who tries to make their own video props for effort -- but then take away all props for telling fibs. :-(

At least Ms. Makeup from earlier in the year was pretty truthful that she was just trying something on her own. And I liked the guy at the end of that one, who was being interviewed on TV about Wondy.

Morgan Freeman 4-ever, yo. ;-)
That myspace design gave me a nosebleed. Bah.

She does look a lot like Kate Beckinsale in one or two of those shots. Otherwise, nice try but no cigar/golden lassoo.
I think the video is awesome for the scale they worked on. And as for her fighting skills, pfft, they hardcore train actresses all the time for demanding roles (see the most recent Charlie's Angels movies). I'm not saying she's the best person in the world to cast, but hey, she rawks in my book--I'd cast her over most of the high-profile-who-should-play-Wondy?-poll-topper actresses any day... :) Plus, I love when she uses her bracelets! :D
Actually, I believe on the Spiderman dvd there is a special feature that has Tobey Maguire in a short doing a fight scene.

And Elijah Wood filmed a short audition video where he went into the woods in his best hobbit-y gear, reciting lines from the book, to get the part of Frodo, even though Jackson was saying he would only consider English actors for all the parts. Actors have done some pretty wacky things for a choice part.

As for the girl: pretty "look" to her, but her acting skills (which I consider number one, b/c no way will Joss be able to make a great movie without a great actress in the part) are dismal. Next!
Yeah- not so much. ;)
I thought that video was fairly well put together. And the fighting might be good enough for an interview. But still, Joss is probably looking for more acting then fighting. And someone please get WW a new outfit for the film.
Yeah, that's a question for Joss--will the outfit stay or be modernized? I wonder...

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