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December 21 2006

(SPOILER) Summer Glau on 7th Son podiobook. Summer joins the list of Whedon related people to help out J.C. Hutchin's book, 7th Son Book Two: Deceit. She performs the episode intro for episode 13. Other Whedon-related people include Peter David, author of Spike vs. Dracula, who performed the episode intro for episode 12, Nathan Fillion was on episode 9, and Jeph Loeb participated in the book one summary.

There are no Whedon-related spoilers on the site that I know of, but I wanted to put the spoilers up just in case anyone is not up to date on the series.

[ edited by DavidB on 2006-12-22 20:48 ]

Oh come on! No comments?!? None what so ever?! Wow...that's just freaky;)

Still...this is lovely news! Though why only the intro? Cuz to me, that seems mighty silly for Summer to only read the "Last time on..." schtick and not get the entire chalupa;D

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