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December 22 2006

"We're gonna need red paint" - Dark Horse promote the new Serenity ornament. The "Serenity In Disguise" ornament now has a nifty price tag and can be pre-ordered here.

Also available in the UK from Forbidden Planet (aff. link).
Press release for the PVCs and the Reaver variant here with a cheaper SRP for the ornament and a mis-spelled 'Jane.' grrr.
The press release says "the first set of PVC features based on three of the movie’s prominent characters" - so does that mean all the sets will be based on those three characters, or the first set is based on those characters but subsequent sets will be based on other characters? You would assume the latter but I don't take anything for granted anymore, sigh.
That scene was horrible enough during the movie, why on earth would I want it hanging on my tree?
Your relatives are visiting and spot the ornament on your tree:

Relatives: What is that?
You: A spaceship with the inhabitants' dead friends tied onto it.
Relatives: ...

Although I think it's interesting there don't seem to actually be any dead bodies on this.... if you're going to make a brutally disgusting version of something in a movie, might as well do it right, I think.

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They're there, they're just kinda melty.
But wait...where's the hood ornament?
And just because I got a box full of goodies from them can get these items, as well as all kinds of Serenity and Joss goodness (and more) from
I wish my grandma would send me this insted of yet another icky Barbie ornament.
Ooh pretty! The red makes it all Christmasy! Pretty funny really.

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