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December 22 2006

Interview with Emile Edwin Smith of Zoic about the CG aspects of Serenity. There are lots of CGI [desktop wallpaper-worthy] pictures of the ship.

Interesting aspects about Emile's background; as well as how Zoic got involved in the show & movie, subtle differences in the CGI aspects of the two projects, and really cool artwork of the ship.

Yay, I'm so happy to see Serenity herself get some lovin' and attention (she's my second favorite character in FF/Serenity). Great shots too.
Me too, Veloxi. I just made Serenity (repair yard) my wallpaper here at work.

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Cool. They did great work but I love the way that CGI and effects didn't take over the movie. I saw Star Wars 3 recently and it was like a video game! George Lucas must be terified at the thought that somehwere in his movies there is one single frame without some CGI in it. Samuel L Jackson could be eating a donut and Lucas would want to do it with CGI.
The series picked up an enthusiastic audience during its run, as well as critical acclaim for its well-turned characters, stories and dialog, and both the VES and Emmy awards for special visual effects. The DVD has had strong sales, and last year Universal Pictures and Whedon’s production company, Mutant Enemy, went into production on a big-screen adaptation, Serenity

Wow, it sounds like the show was so incredibly successful!

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