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December 22 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg's outfit does not please the ladies at Go Fug Yourself.

That's funny...she looks alive to me. She should have had a beter hairdo, though. By the way, she'll be plugging "Black Christmas" on Conan tonight. I'm sure she'll look more "alive" on that show.

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Not a fantastic dress choice, but I dont see anything undead about it.

And, really, Tara does look fantastic. Is she in the movie, too?
Gotta agree with GFY on this.
I'm sure the successful millionairess will be devastated by these comments made by bloggers.

And. We did this two months ago. It's getting kinda old. The novelty is over.
God, I love her dress, but I would have to agree with Simon. I would much rather hear about her new projects than someone who didn't like her outfit :)
I really don't see the virtue of this kind of egotistical snarkery.
Not a fan of the Fugs (and by the way I think Michelle looks lovely in that photo). However, once you are in the celebrity limelight you're a target, so Michelle, *sigh*, toughen up your hide and laugh it off. There are far worse critics out there who will be judging your clothing choices, like say, Joan Rivers and her daughter on the red carpet.
Thanks for linking to my site again. I need the hits.
Glad The Black is giving you the hits you need, jlv! You don't miss a thing, do you?! ;^} Aloha nui, Dude!
The dress is lovely, but about 2 sizes and 10 years older than her. Nicole Kidman would rock that dress, but MT looks like she's a teenager trying on her mom's ancient wedding dress.
At least the bloggers have found something other than her giganto sunglasses to rip on for a change. I look at it as a sign of endearment on their part. ;)
Yeah, let's pretty much not have the discussion about GFY again. Ever.
She looked great on Conan last night, talking about why she wanted to be a guest star on "House" and "Law and Order: Criminal Intent", and plugging her new movie. She also noted she had been on the show ten years ago when she was in "Harriet the Spy".
I just enjoy the pose MT is giving, it's like she's saying "FGY, I dare you to bash me"
jaynelovesvera: "Thanks for linking to my site again. I need the hits."

Now this made me laugh. A nice, totally unexpected laugh in a GFY thread.
Is it news everytime GFY rips on her? That's like front paging everytime House is snarky.
Aww. I'm feeling bad for the person who posted this, now.

I do love the Fug girls beyond reason, I do not get what the issues with them are, nor do I get why anyone thinks Fuggin' It Up needs hits from Whedonesque.

If the mods don't want to see posts with GFY links, that's of course their prerogative.

I do have to say, though, that it's no different in terms of importance than some other posts that link to stories about the fourth guy to the left who sneezed during that scene on BtVS when she was talking to Giles and now that guy is an extra on Bones who can be seen scraping gum off his shoe in next week's episode.

Right? There's a lot of tenuously related links, especially on slow days. Give the poor linker a break. Maybe something added to the FAQ about GFY links leading to eye-rolly conversations?

Would that work out?
I have no problem with Fug links, they're no worse than the monthly Marsters Q&A links or the 'Jane/Nathan updated their blog' posts, and certainly more entertaining than some of the stuff that's deleted. At least the post starts with an actual linkable thing on the web.

The discussions that follow here are repetitive and the bitching is tiresome. Remember that if you're thinking of posting again. Or commenting if it does get posted.

Now scoot and be merry, it's Christmas.
Yay! Christmas!!!
I don't mind Fug links either because I enjoy the lighter things and during my hectic day, it's fun to come onto Whedonesque and knock out one blog visit (GFY) with another (Whedonesque). I had another bit about the reasons not to hate the links or the blog but I'll nod at Caroline's bit about not discussing it anymore and move on to say that I absolutely hate that dress and I think the reason why she looks "undead" is because the dress is practically the same color as her skin and there was most likely a very harsh light on her at the time the photo was taken. Never, ever, ever, stand in direct spotlight when photos are being taken of you.
This kind of collars bad - and is that pant legs? Ooh bad. Hourglass good *g*
Hey! jlv! Good to hear from ya, dude! :-)

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