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April 27 2003

Fray no 7 finally out! I know someone posted earlier in the month that the latest issue of Joss' one and only comic book was on the way, but just a note to those who didn't hear that Fray #7 did finally come out last Wednesday and is in fine comics shops everywhere. Also, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, so you can go pick it up and get a bag of free books with it.

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As a comic store employee and general comics activist, I must implore everyone to NOT pick up a bag of free comics. The purpose of free comics day is not to reward people who read comics, but to create new comics readers. When someone just comes in a grabs whatever they can because it's free, they're basically taking that many opportunities for a local business to get a new customer and for comics in general to get a new reader (and since comics readership has dropped in uber-numbers in the last twenty years, we need all we can get. There are 15 year-old today who have never seen a comic book!!!) . If you want to try something new, that's cool, just don't go overboard, because your local retailer did have PAY for these books. If you do take a big bag of free comics, please do it to distribute to your non-comics-reading friends. There is truly something for everyone.
By the way, if you haven't been reading Fray, but think you might want to, DO NOT pay the exorbitant prices folks are asking on Ebay for issues 2-6. Dark Horse is re-issuing those and you can get your local comic book store to order them for you for the cover price (since most places are sold out of the first release date issues at this point).

And yes, I figured this out from experience (I am so way too old to be hunting down comic books!).
I believe I saw a comment somewhere that the intention was to issue a compilation in the fall, aprox August.
I think that report said the trade paperback would release in November; a member here called Dark Horse and asked. Any idea when 1-6 are reissuing? I bought #7 last week but haven't had the time to read it yet.
#1-6 were already reissued over the last month or so; your local comic book stores might just have them in stock.

I'm the person who got in touch with Dark Horse a while back to see when the trade paperback would be released. They did, in fact, say to look for it in November.
42, my comment was definitely intended towards the joss fans who are not big comics readers, who would only be stopping into a store for Fray, and who should definitely come pick up a (comic book store sized) bag of any comics that look good to them, up to one of each of the samples. If you are concerned about supply, maybe your store should limit to one per issue per customer unless they promise to give them away. But really, stop freaking out. Your loyal customers aren't going to come make a run on the free books - most of them have different tastes than the books being offered. If it's anything like last year, you'll probably be begging people to take the leftover copies away for weeks.
"There are 15 year-old today who have never seen a comic book!!!"

If I wasn't at work I'd be laughing hysterically now. No offense intended.

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