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December 22 2006

Morena Baccarin guest stars in tonight's Justice. Tonight's episode of Justice on Fox features our very own Morena Baccarin...

Fabulous. I haven't seen one episode of this series yet so this is great incentive!
Justice is still on the air? Huh. Go figure.
I saw part of it. Morena, as always, looked GREAT!!!
I don't get the premise of this show. Every person the firm represents is innocent and they always win. If they continue this way its just going to get dull.
FOX are burning off the episodes, the show has already been cancelled.
Not all the clients are innocent. And IIRC, they don't always win. I like how at the end they show what really happened...
That was an interesting episode (and it also fed my ACK! Edit -- Victor Garber love). I've never seen a legal show where there was a command center feeding information to a defense attorney before. At any rate, while always nice to see her, they didn't give Morena much to do (I wonder if she was meant to be a regular before the series was canceled).

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Any additional information? There is none on the page you linked and the post repeats the same information in the link and the description.
I was with friends with the TV on and the sound off when Morena appeared magically on my screen. It was already too late in the episode to watch the episode, really (so I just left the sound off and continued on), but it was definitely nice. Oh, and I saw two peripheral VM actors as well (the defendant played Sean, I think, and I'm pretty sure I saw the actress who plays Gia as well).
Caroline: They haven't updated the Justice page with the episode description/recap yet...
For those of you who missed it..Caps can be found here -

She looked great..but that is to be expected!
Fox offers a lot of their eps for free on the Internet at their website (not for download, but you can watch them) -- is this series one of them?

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I was so convinced that Justice would be saved by the amazing Victor Garber but I think he deserves much better, more challenging roles...
Ah Morena is great, we need to get her a role on Heroes (as anything but the invisible woman *g*)
Well, she has a new series on TNT, Heartland. Yay Morena! :-)

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