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December 23 2006

TV Guide's best and worst of 2006. Alyson Hannigan's "Date Movie" is voted one of the worst movies of 2006, while How I Met Your Mother is given an honorable mention as best TV of the year. Battlestar Galactica and Veronica Mars receive mentions as best tv as well.

Is it horrible or extremely unpopular of me to say that I do not like BG or VM? Yeah? Ok, Ill be quiet now...

You didn't notice that Nathan Fillion's "Slither" got an honorable mention in the "Best Movie" category. I just wonder why "Bones" or "House" didn't get any love here.
House and Bones are both fun, but neither draws me in like BSG and Joss-verse stuff. At the risk of being pelted with things, Slither didn't really float my boat as much as it did most folks. I was amused, but that's about the extent of it. Fillion was, of course, fun to watch as ever.
If you pelt someone with pelts does the universe implode ?

'House' is pretty close to BSG for me as far as enjoyment though I think BSG edges it in terms of gutsyness (once you get over 'House's gutsy-for-network-TV central premise of having a hero who's deeply unlikeable at times). 'Bones' is good, nice cast chemistry but I don't really see it changing the way I look at the world in the way Joss-verse stuff has (or even 'House'/BSG to a lesser extent), at the end of the day it is 'just' a procedural.

(for me the most glaring omission is 'Dexter' which was fantastic pretty much all the way through, IMO. I'd assumed the list was only network TV but 'Deadwood's on there so it can't be that. Too new maybe ? Too few episodes to judge ?)
Saje - I think the "pelting with pelts" thing is called a metapelt!
Well if it was me, I'd included Life on Mars and Doctor Who.
Im not too big on Heroes as most people are...but what really bothered me were Tv Guide's comments on The Fountain. :(
Saje, quess that would depend on the pelts, wouldn't it? (Simon, what's a pelt?)

Honest, I've not watched Alyson's series, but I'm happy that this is what she wanted and she worked pretty hard at it. Good for her! Still wished she went for drama.....

Still wondering about that 'pelt' thing.
Wow, a "Best of" list that not everybody agrees with. That's new. ;)

My personal favorite TV show of 2006? Veronica Mars. I think this has been it's strongest season so far. (I haven't seen Date Movie, and I've only just watched the first season of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.)
Simon, you're completely right about Life on Mars. Any idea when Season Two will appear?

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