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December 23 2006

iTunes Best of TV 2006. Staff favorites include BDHeroes and Scoobies. Topping the staff list of 15 is Firefly. A little further down is Buffy. (I suppose they felt including Angel would have been stuffing the ballot box.) The list may be in random order, but it's still nice to see the Whedon-y goodness so prominent (need iTunes to view link, click here for screen grab).

First link posting, hope I did this right.

This does not link to the article about the Best of TV. It goes to a generic website.
I changed the link to the iTunes software page and added a link to a screen grab on if people don't have the software.
I don't think iTunes sells Angel episodes, but it does sell Firefly and seasons 1 & 2 of Buffy. Since they're voting only on what they have for download, Angel won't be listed. Bummer all the way 'round. I hope they add Angel seasons in the new year. That would be sweet!
I received the "iTunes Best TV of 2006" ad and was so glad to see Firefly listed prominently (first image in list!) in the Staff Favorites Library. Also, in the top blurb of the ad there was this specific mention:

"Josh Whedon's (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) western/sci-fi concoction, Firefly,"

Whoa, now that is shiny! This ad contained quite a few current top shows and many classics, yet Firefly was mentioned in the short list in the blub at the top. Not too shabby for a show cruelly yanked after only half a season. Noticed also that iTunes describes the Firefly eps as the "First Season". Maybe it's just me, but can't help but think that the 'verse has some support there... meaning, they didn't describe the eps with the finality of the "Complete Series". The description of First Season leaves the door open for more.

Having Firefly featured in this mass emailing continues to keep it in the public eye. And by including in the Staff Favorites Library, people who may have been thinking about downloading Firefly may finally be nudged enough to give it a try.

Yay also for Buffy which was also included in the top blurb. There must be some Whedon fans at iTunes.
Good first posting, OneTeV. I was inclined to provide this as well, over the holiday hiatus.

Also, FWIW, Amazon (US) is offering all the Firefly, Buffy, Angel shows for under $20 per season. Lots of other boxing day and post-Christmas DVDs on sale as well (including several whedonverse-satellite shows like Tru-Calling...)

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