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December 23 2006

Whedonverse actor features in IMDB's STARmeter Top 25 for 2006. Is it Sarah? Nope. David? Not so much. James? Nah. Nathan? Fraid not. It's Zac Efron, star of Disney's "High School Musical". Who? He played Young Simon in the Firefly episode "Safe". Ah.

Saw this over at and thought it was too good an opportunity not to pass up on. Fans of "I thought I recognised him" will no doubt love this.

I thought I recognised him.

Seriously, how has he ended up so high? Does Mr Boreanaz need to do more musical numbers? (And hopefully not sing?)

Oh, by the way - was High School Musical any good? The kid in me wants to know.

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i've heard a lot of good things from fellow musical geeks...campy, but fun...i have yet to see it though.
Um... Aren't most or all musicals campy?
High School Musical (HSM) is marketed to preteens who watch the Disney channel. Of course it's campy.

The singing has been Pro Tooled to death, a sound we'll all recognize from Sarah's vocals on Once More With Feeling, and the plot is weaker than an episode of Charmed. Post Shannon, of course.

Despite these glaring errors, I actually enjoyed HSM. The tunes are certainly catchy, and the preteen market is proving its power with record breaking sales numbers. The CD went triple platinum, and was the first TV soundtrack since Miami Vice to go number one. It's turned Zac Efron into the next Hillary Duff... despite the fact that Andrew Seeley's vocals were blended with his for the recordings.

I just hope it give me more Disney movies like Pocahontas... and fewer like Cars.

Thus the dangers of Wikipedia.
Cars was a better movie than Pocahontas.
Disney is also touring it live with all the original cast members (except Zac, I think). Disney has made it available for High School Drama departments to perform (nice move). My younger kids love the musical, and I even saw the soundtrack in my 17 yr. old son's I-Pod. Was it good? Hmm... It's no "Once More With Feeling", but it was certainly fun.
I wish they'd left his vocals alone, they made him sound like a "Boy-Band", not a musical.Zac is talented, pro-tooled, blended or not, he sings and dances quite well,turned down a recording contract(pre-HSM) to act. Young Simon Tam on Firefly was his first TV gig. He has a siamese cat named "Simon", and multiple images of his face adorn my 15 yr old daughters wall including a 5 ft. poster of him.
He's pretty darn cute.
My kids love it. And I have to admit, that I enjoyed it too, well, most of it. Campy is fun sometimes and the tunes are catchy and the dancing was fun to watch.

I knew that Master Efron was young Simon Tam prior to this post, but didn't have a good reason to post it. Seems he's doing very well for himself in the 'tween fan world. I hope he can weather it successfully to move on to other acting gigs and not get stuck there.

They blended his voice? I wonder why? I'm not really up on all the techniques they use to 'fix' voices or mix tracks. Being a singer, it annoys me when less than great singers get help to be marketable when really great singers can't break in.
Re the voice blending: Apparently his voice is in the baritone range, and they wanted (or had written for) a tenor. Hence the voice blending.

Also, as I understand it, he is not touring with the show because he is busy filming "Hairspray" where he will be appearing as Tracy Turnblad's love interest, the dreamy Link Larkin.

BTW - there is a HSM sequel in the works.
HSM's overly corny dialogue put me off. Its okay, but not all that.

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