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December 23 2006

The alternative PM: Anthony Head. The Times raises a glass to Britain's national treasures and counts Tony Head among them.

"I used to think that I was very normal, but when I moved to the States to do Buffy I began to realise that I do have some dysfunctional stuff going on; things that I should work on."

Tony is appearing in two Little Britain Christmas specials on BBC One on December 25 and 30.

I just love our librarian! He certainly sounds to me like he has a head on his broad shoulders, and that mucking out stalls would be a good activity for most celebrities.
I do love chocolate and biscuits and all the rest.

Just one more reason to love him.
I have to agree that he is aging very well. And I'll love him even if his lobes get big!
This is a real down to earth guy, and I'm glad I actually got lucky enough to meet him a couple of years ago at a con in Oakland. Happy Christmas, Tony!
He was narrating the Doctor Who Christmas Confidential show on Christmas Day. Didn't realise it was him till the credits rolled at the end. And I did like him goofing about in the outtake reel on the Doctor Who series 2 boxset.
Today I watched the original unaired Buffy pilot on YouTube. I sure do miss him. Hope his new pilot gets picked up. Who better to play an aging rocker? He'd get to sing.
Does anyone here know anything about Anthony appearing in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd? Like who he's playing?
I'd certainly raise my glass to toast to ASH. More Tony is always going to be a good thing.
Yay! Such a delightful interview! It was so quirky and endearing with all the alternative health dialogue. (I take homeopathic remedies too :). ) And his partner is a horse whisperer? So cool. I really want to see him in more stuff. He's such a fine actor and human being.
Oh, gods yes, let us have a show where Tony gets to act and sing!

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