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December 23 2006

Marc Blucas' "Thr3e" to open January 5. He plays a seminary student who teams up wtih a psychologist to stop a serial killer.

Not much as been said about Marc's new role. The link goes to the official site but this may be a bit more helpful in the multimedia department: Yahoo! upcoming movies. It has pictures but the official site has trailers.

My funny story to go along with this is that I clicked on the trailer and turned on the sound, but I've been playing Deep Freeze on and as soon as the dark creepy trailer started up, so did Christmas music. :) Even with the cute joyful music the trailer looked creepy.

The book was brilliant that it is based on, I can only hope he can pull off the role. This is going to be hard for me to watch after reading the book.
See, I want to read the book now! Was it that great? I may have to go by the library tomorrow and get it. Strapped a bit for cash, can't just run out and buy it -- plus its Christmas eve and I doubt anyone is going to be happy to be open. Hardly holiday reading though, is it?
"Thr3e"? Is that anything like Se7en?
Isn't this the fake movie from "Adaptation"?
Browncoat, I would suggest if you want to see the movie, see it first before reading the book. It is a very interesting suspence film that is very twisty at the end.

Plinty, no this isn't the fake film from "Adaptation", this is from a novel by Ted Dekker.

Plot Summary on the book version : Imagine answering your cell phone one day to a male voice that gives you three minutes to confess your sin. If you don't, the madman, Slater, will blow your car to smithereens. You barely manage to exit heavy traffic and ditch the car when, precisely three minutes later, your car blows sky high. The media and police descend on the scene; your world has just changed forever.

So begins the nightmare that grows with progressively higher stakes. There's another phone call, another riddle. The cycle will not stop until the world discovers the secret of your sin, but you don't have a clue what that sin is. If not for Jennifer, the brilliant FBI agent working to corner Slater, you would indeed go mad.

Even that does not do it justice, because there is so much more to the story but I won't spoil it any deeper other than to say that it will not be what you expect.

No bix, Thr3e in nothing like Se7en.

People say that Dekker's works are very religously driven morals and I think they mistake the morality sought in his books for religious virtue instead of humanistic to see things from a varity of perspectives to find one's own answers to life's basic questions. Are we good or are we evil or both by nature or design, and if so why and how did it happen? Also, would we recognize it in ourselves if we knew it was there.

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"Thr3e"? Is that anything like Se7en?

No it's more like Numb3rs.
It might not be the adaptation movie, but the similarity is creepy. Swear to god, if there's a chase scene involving horses and motorcycles...
Well obviously Fox is trying to capitalize on any religious over/undertones RavenU. The link leads to Fox Faith Movies, and lists church resources and marketing items tailored to the religious crowd etc. Your description does sound interesting though.
Hi everybody, it's my first post! I've been waiting for months to join. But enough about me.

This film sounds very interesting and I will watch it then read the book as RavenU seems to suggest. I'm happy to see Mark get a decent role.
I might get hated-on by 'shippers of all sorts, but I liked Mr. Blucas and Riley quite a lot. He seemed so, I don't know, not bitey. Sure, Riley had other problems, like working for a super secret fascististic military order that carried out icky experiments on kidnapped creatures, but at least he could take Buffy out for a walk during the day. And I thought Marc was good in the role. I'm just sayin'. (Let the hating begin -- but I hope not for real!) ;-)
onthedrift - I know that is why I felt the need to point out that even though Dekker's works are often concidered and classified as Christian reading and that is how the crowd the FOX wants to play it. I have found Dekker's writting to be more about human morality than religous tentiment. I think some people will think that since it is a novel with a moralistic slant that it must be preaching. Having read a few Dekker novels, I have found his writing spiritual but I would not necessarily call it religous, I would call it humanistic. In asking questions and making people think about what we as people are capable of no matter what religous beliefs we hold. It reminds me of Sheppard Book saying to Mal, "I don't care what you believe. Just believe it." That is my perception of Dekker's writings, it doesn't matter what you believe but in your ablity to question your belief and still be able to ultimately believe it, even though your questions may alter your perception of your belief, the belief itself doesn't falter.

I wish Blucas well with the role and I hope he pulls it off but when I read the novel Blucas didn't come to mind as the lead. From my perspection of his description I would have went for someone like the guy who plays Zach on Bones. Marc just seems a little to muscular and big for the role.
I liked Blucas on Buffy. I am a fan of Dekker, and I just hope they made a good film based on a very good book.

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