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December 26 2006

(SPOILER) Joss talks about his influences for Runaways. And he also talks about what to expect as well. It's all good really.

Nice to be back, touch wood and all that.

Welcome back Whedonesque!

Joss taught a high school class? When/where/how do we get him to do another one? And include people who are verging on their 20 year reunion...
Just bought all the trades for Runaways and fell in love with them. I can't wait to see where Joss takes them. Boy am I glad the site is back up.
Go on Joss, work Charlotte Church into Runaways.
I've got the fist two harcovers of Runaways in preparation for Joss's run and I've realy enjoyed them. I can't wait to see what Joss has in store for them (meaning the Runaways).
Interesting interview. The whole thing about being outside the culture does make sense. Most of his references are pretty long-term, as in being a reference to something that has been around for a while. I mean even *I* get them...

(Conteneted sigh that Whedonesque is back.)
Oh I've been missing Whedonesque something terrible over the last couple of days, but I did get completely caught up on 'Runaways'. I am loving the series but I'm shocked that Joss is having them leave LA (I thought Joss liked working close to home?). I'm really looking forward to all kinds of comic book fun starting in the Spring of 2007.
Joss has actually introduced me, properly, to comic books. Yes, the other day I started reading Astonishing X-Men... and it astonished me. It's great. I understand why people complained about X-Men 3 (the movie) now. The comics are interesting, funny, compelling and lots of other words.

Looking forward to 2007. More AXM, Fray, Buffy and Runaways for me.
Let me second more of Fray.

((Whedonesque)) I missed you so much. Not being able to log on was akin to that sick/nervous feeling you get when your pet doesn't come home for a few days. Whew. Glad it's over.

And totally can't wait for Jossy Runaways.
There are two hardcover Runaways books? Damn, I thought I'd be able to get caught up in time.
Finally! I thought I was going to go crazy without my Whedonesque for two days.

I'm so excited that I got a big comic bookstore gift certificate yesterday so I can start catching up on some of this stuff.
My goodness but I've missed you guys. I can only imagine the effort you put into getting it back up, over Christmas at that. Thanks, Caroline!!

Yay for anything Jossy, but I so want to see more live action Jossness...
Echo the hurrah for Whedonesque and where can I sign up for an elective course like that???????
I really need to find issue 19 of Runaways, I've read up to that and have from #20 on. Any ideas where I can order it?
And a belated Merry Merry to all!
So glad that Whedonesque is back up.

But Runaways...ehh, I just cannot get into it. It screams "average" to me. Maybe Joss will change my mind?
Goooooood Morning Whedonesque!!!! ((OK it's evening here)) Sooooo happy not to get the ole' Gurrr, Arrrrgh!

All of the Runaways are now available in Trade Paperback (TP) format, it makes 6 issues, but don't worry, they are a fast read.

Q: Where to get them?
A: Your LOCAL INDEPENDANT COMIC VENDOR!!! They can order them and have them for you in usually a week, sometimes two. These guys struggle hard to stray afloat, so support them!!!!!

If you donít know where a local comic dealer is, there is this thing called the Phone Book or Yellow Pages, it should tell ya where they are. ;)

I can only imagine the effort you put into getting it back up, over Christmas at that. Thanks, Caroline!!

Ah, all I did was worry. Thanks must go to Milo and Herb. And Elizabeth at our hosting company.
Whedonesque is back -- squee! /hoilday-themed squee

I have only read the first Runaways hardcover (the other one just came out, IIRC), so I am afraid to read this link and get spoiled, but -- Joss was teaching a high school course? Oh, curse my inconvenient geographical location! ;-)
More AXM, Fray, Buffy and Runaways for me.

More Fray?! Do tell!

/me retrieves jaw from floor, hopes this wasn't merely wishful thinking from gossiville...
My friend just got me the first issue of Runaways as a Christmas present and now Joss Whedon is taking over?! FOR ISSUE #25?!?! MAN, do I have to pull a fairly rancid game of "Catch Up"--still! Worth it and I've got until April, college applications be DAMNED!
Just remember that there are two volumes so far. Volume 1 has 18 issues.
There are two hardcover Runaways books? Damn, I thought I'd be able to get caught up in time.

There's going to be a third pre-Joss volume as well--it's not been officially solicited yet, but I kind of expect it just in time to let people catch up to start on Joss's run in the singles.

As to where to get any comic:

Check The Master List for a store nearby, or for Americans, us the The Comic Shop Locator Service for the store closest to your zip code.
Hey, Wheodnesque is back!

And I'm *finally* a member! I've been waiting ages for membership to reopen. yay!

I've only read the first two runaways digest in the past, but now I have to catch up, thanks to the unholy union Joss and BKV :)
Thanks all but since issue #19 is some months old, none of the comic book stores I checked, carry it anymore. The bound ones I read are the small, six issue paperbacks and they only go up to #18.
stuart, I come to crush your dreams (mine is an evil laugh..). I'm afraid that was just le olde wishfully thinking regarding Fray.

[ edited by gossi on 2006-12-27 15:46 ]
Hm... In that case, Lioness, it is a problem. I've checked some of the online stores I know, but none of them seem to have that issue.

Alternatively, the next digest--collecting #19-24--is scheduled for a late March release. But it's always such a bummer to buy a collection if you already have most of the issues--that's money that could be spent on other comics to read! :-P
I've been a Runaways and BKV fan for ages, and when I heard he was leaving I was heartbroken (imagine Joss announcing he was leaving Buffy but the show would go on). And then I realized that Joss was ending his run on Astonishing around the same time as Brian was leaving Runaways... and I so called it. Nobody, and I mean nobody (all my comics buddies), believed me, but I just new our Joss wouldn't be able to turn it down. My heartache turned into sheer joy when Marvel broke the news. I absolutely cannot wait for Joss to start. I know it will be awesome! It's just so nice to have artists in the world that you can completely trust creatively. Does that make sense? Joss for President!

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