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December 27 2006

Merry Christmas from "Into the Black" crew! "Into the Black," a live-action, fan-made show set in the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse, made a short video of Christmas happenings onboard their ship, the Samsara.

The page this links takes you to a downloadable WMV version of the clip, and also links to the YouTube site with the clip. Merry Christmas (belated), Whedonesquers! :-)

Oh a good time had making that, was a very very late night to get it done.
It looks like you guys enjoy what you do! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished movie when it's ready. :-)

BTW, welcome, new Whedonesquers! ;-)
Cool, I'll have to check it out. Always smile when I see the ship name as it reminds me of another fandom, that of Stuart Davis. He even has a song called 'Savoring Samsara'. Plus, I'm all for non-random Buddhist/Hindi references :)
Looks great. The dialog was mostly very sharp; it reminded me of the real thing. Thanks!
Yeah i loved it, quite touching and I cant wait to see the whole thing. That whole pause and continuing on the conversation with the bombs and gun shots lol, funny! And yes I second the love for non-random Buddhist Hindu references ;)
We're glad people are enjoying it. This gave us an opportunity to give everyone a little Christmas present, and remind them that we're still around :)

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