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December 27 2006

David Boreanaz interview in the New York Times. Handily the paper tells us how to pronounce his name.

Great link, Simon! Mr. Bo-ree-AH-nuz (lol) seems like a very straightforward, honest guy, so his interviews are always interesting to read. :-)
Honestly, I had never been 100% certain I'd been saying his name right, but it seems like I had been. Thanks, New York Times!
Ah, but can you say it in a bahd Eyerish ocksint? ;) Kidding! :)
What *is* the country origin of the name Boreanaz?
Wikipedia says his father is of Czech descent, so presumably the name is as well. (?)
YAY, I pronounced his name correctly *g*.
His square jaw and action-hero physique attracted a legion of female fans in the seven seasons of “Buffy.”

Oh yeah, I resemble that. *g*
Oops. I always say his name with a flat 'A' sound. Note to self.
That interview shed important light for me on comments he has made in the past about moving on from his Buffy/Angel experience. I had no idea it had been so difficult for him. And the Joe Buck! Joe Buck! reference at the end has totally endeared him to me. I do hope he gets his wish for more film work. He's certainly proved with Bones he is an acting force to be reckoned with.

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I've loved DB since I first layed eyes on him in BtVS. And although he doesn't have the acting chops from a lifetime of study, he does have natural talent coupled with a strong work ethic, which he deligently applies, plus his stellar physical attributes, which are all paying off nicely so far.

I noticed the NYT didn't provide a name pronouncement for Deschanel, the actual lead of the show, whose name is at least as ethnic as Boreanaz ;)
Interesting that he states he wasn't a child star (SMG, anyone?) or trained in stage and Shakespeare (like JM?) - or am I just being picky?

Nice interview, though.
SMG may have been acting since she was 4, but I don't think she was ever a "child star". Her first real acclaim came on a soap opera where she played an adult, although she was pretty young at the time.
Actually, in interviews he usually says he is Italian.
He's of Czech descent on his father's side and Italian on his mother's.
"Mr. Boreanaz’s character is, by contrast, emotional and caring, an unmarried father who is seeking redemption for his past as an Army sniper."

I'm sensing a pattern here...
Angel is nothing like Booth. Gill - I don't know what your point is. You think people might be confused and think he is Sarah Gellar so he is clearing it up?
He's of Czech descent on his father's side and Italian on his mother's.

I sort of think he's done as well as American actors generally do with European accents. Some have done better. And some have done worse. English and Australian actors often act as Americans in TV and movies, and don't quite hit it. Do they get quite as much crap for it?
"English and Australian actors often act as Americans in TV and movies, and don't quite hit it. Do they get quite as much crap for it?"

From what I have seen, we're pretty tolerant on that score. An American actor doing a bad regional accent usually takes a lot more heat than someone from another country doing some kind of American accent. That may be because there are an awful lot of different American accents out there, especially if you consider immigrant accents and first generation American accents.

As far as is comments about not being a child actor or having had a lot of training, those are two common categories of actors he has worked with. Many of the young actors on BtVS started acting when they were children. Many of the adult actors on both BtVS and Angel had extensive theater work and training before they got those roles. DB seems to have been one of the least experienced actors on either series along with NB and AH. There is nothing wrong with that, but I should think it was intimidating at times. The thing is, he got a break and he took full advantage of it. He used it to learn, develop as an actor and build what looks to be a solid career. Good for him. He deserves all his success. I hope he and all the rest get the kind of success they really want.
I love everything about this guy. Great interview.
Hope he gets that Big Movie offer soon. He will light up the silver screen. :)
Sidenote: Welcome to all the new folks posting :)
newch Yup, what you said. SMG, AH, SG, MT all acted as kids and ASH, JM, JAR, AD are all theatre guys. So yeah, maybe he sometimes felt intimidated by that, but the great thing is that it never showed. Both he and NB were pretty darned new to the whole thing when they started on the show, while most of the others, despite the ages ranging from teens to forties, had at least a decade of experience.

It's great that he's having lessons. Most actors worth their salt will tell you that you never stop learning and the minute you think you know it all is the time it can all go pear-shaped.
BTW, I just realized that AH is the initials of both Willow actor and Lorne actor. I was putting AH/Lorne in the least experienced camp. AH/Willow obviously belongs in the child actor camp. Sometimes I am just not good with initials.

Also, welcome to all the newbies.
"Sidenote: Welcome to all the new folks posting :)"
"Also, welcome to all the newbies."

Thank you! The interview is good. Haven't started watching Bones yet (I think I'll Itunes it). As a fan of the Mulder/Scully and Bristow/Vaughn (Alias) ignored chemistries, I think I'll like it.
I am posting in this thread to squee about the fact that last week David Boreanaz (and wife and child) were on my holiday flight from LA to Philly. As we did the coach passenger Walk-Of-Shame through first class, my eyes immediately lit on him and mouth engaged before brain had a chance to weigh in.

I didn't say much and neither did he - it was all very mundane ("thanks for your work", etc.) - and I really felt like a jerk for interrupting his private time - but all the way back to my seat and indeed, for the rest of the 6-hour flight, I was acutely aware of his presence on the plane.

*sigh* It was one of my nicest presents this year...

(I add my welcome to new whedonesque members and posters.)
I just can't imagine why the airlines didn't recognize your glory, QG, and move you into first class, too. Sounds like you were very polite and didn't drool or squee (nice large font there, lol), so I'd say it's all good and how hard did that rock anyway! :-)

A very merry post-Christmakwanzaakkah to you indeed, QG, and big hello to all the newbies! :-)
Yeah, I don't get it either, billz, when it was so readily apparent to everyone else - well, let's just say, at least to me - that a Goddess had just walked on board, who deserved at a minimum to be seated next to DB, or possibly in his lap.

And, no, thank the PTB, I didn't drool or stutter or gush, or super-thank-the-PTB, hold up the boarding line, than which there can be no greater airline crime.

And Belated Festivus Greetings to you, my dear billz, and indeed, to all whedonesquers everywhere, including His Royal Purple Postage, and to all a good night.
That's incredible!!!
Q Girl - you showed much restaint, and managed to say a nice little thingy. I, on the other hand, would have just stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him for as long as possible. It would have been bad, the steardess asking me to keep moving, people having to physically move handled it well.

Happy holidays to all Whedonesquers, new and old!
So Quotergirl had a nice present this holiday...not as nice as she would have wanted, but we need to be thankful for what we get in this life...or so I keep telling myself.

Somehow, QG, your stroy makes me glad it was Prince (or the artist formerly known as) who the stewardess told me after the fact, was on our flight to Minneapolis last summer. My son and I kind of shrugged and said, "That's nice." I had not realized until now that if DB or someone similar had been on the flight and the stewardess had mentioned it after the fact, I think my son and I would have been truly bummed-out.

Good for you for not being drooly or holding up the line. ;-)
QG - Nice :)

CJ - Kevin Smith's stories of working for Prince for a while are enough to terrify me :)
I just thought I'd clarify that David's dad is of Italian descent and it is his mother that is Czech. DB has mentioned that many times in interviews. David's dad didn't use the family name when he first started out, as the article stated, because it was more difficult to use an ethnic name back then. I think it is wonderful that David is so candid about himself. I think David has used both his raw talent and work ethic to become a fine actor.
I loved David since I first saw him on the first episode of Buffy. He is one of the main reasons I never missed a Buffy episode.

I just bought season 1 on Bones on dvd and am really enjoying it. There is the similarity of both the Angel and Booth characters looking for redemption because of their pasts, but when I watch David as Booth I see a different and new character. I don't see David doing the role as Angel. I watch Bones and I don't see Angel - I see David as Booth. I am so happy for him.
David's dad is of Italian descent

Boreanaz is an Italian name? Er, IMO, and I could be wrong, it sounded more reasonable when that was the Czech side of the family. :-(
Not to take anything away from it, but those were some learning, hard, difficult times when I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

Hi everyone - I'm new and hope I am getting this right (trying to quote). I just wanted to add that I hope that DB realises what a powerful intuitive approach he had on Angel and that I hope the 'coaching' doesn't lead to him losing that.
Perfect quoting, angelbones2, and you make a good point. In fact, I was kind of surprised to read in this thread (and the article) that DB was "learning as he went," because I really enjoy his performances, esp. the humor he showed in Angel, and the way he conveyed the terrible weight of the regret for past deeds that always seemed to be just below the surface. Although I agree I'm not a giant fan of his Irish accent; I'm willing to fanwank it that Angel's from a very small, distant county with a unique accent. ;-)

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