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December 27 2006

An excerpt from Keith R.A. DeCandido's latest Buffy novel "The Deathless". all that's holy that was a hilarious bit of back and forth between Buffy and Giles when Willow mentioned Yulia Dryanushkina was a retired subbie. KRAD's got the groove down nicely!
Keith's a good writer. I hope to get to it... once my holiday reading arrives... any day now... holidays are almost over... Seriously, I was pleased with the Serenity novelization -- more than I thought I would be. I ordered another of Keith's (the title escapes me at the moment) and expect it any day now.
Most of it was good, and then all of a sudden it was important for us to know where Willow's 3 laptop cables terminated?
Should anyone else choose to comment on the excerpt, please be polite. Keith, aka krad, is a Whedonesquer and posts sometimes.
BlueEyedBrigadier, thanks so much!

April, out of curiosity, was the other title you ordered my recently released Buffy book Blackout? *grin*

ohbejoyful, that was in there as a reminder that this took place in 1999, hence the slightly archaic laptop setup. Having said that, I think that might actually have been cut from the final version -- that excerpt is derived from my original manuscript file....
Yes krad, it was Blackout! After reading something recently, I went to Amazon and ordered it. I had hoped to have it while visiting my family at Christmas. (I just had to check the title on Amazon.) I'm sure it will be waiting for me when I get home this weekend. So I got kind of excited when I read somewhere you had written a Diablo novel. Sadly, none were available on Amazon. At least not that I could find. Diablo was a guilty pleasure of mine for a couple/few years. I'd read a Diablo novel if you wrote it!
Actually, Diablo is the only one of the three Blizzard Entertainment franchises I haven't written for. *chuckle* I wrote a World of Warcraft novel called Cycle of Hatred, which came out this past February, and a StarCraft: Ghost novel called Nova, which just came out.

Hope you enjoy Blackout!
I liked Blackout quite a bit, it's really head and shoulders above the other Buffy novels. I'll be grabbing Deathless, of course.
Hey, krad! I'll be getting this one as well. Just keep 'em comin', dude! And thanks for giving me more of the 'verse--'cause I miss it a lot.

And, in general, though I frequently repeat myself about this, you all should know that krad's 'verse books really are "head & shoulders above the other Buffy books." Same for Go Ask Malice, by an author whose name always escapes me--for which I apologize big time. So I can safely recommend all of these to all of you. Go forth, buy and enjoy!
Robert Joseph Levy is the author of Go Ask Malice. And thanks! *smile*
Thanks to you, krad! And my apologies to Robert Joseph Levy. For some reason, when it comes to his name, I get mental hiccups. But the two of you have the 'verse nailed, and I love your books. Sadly, I can't say that about all the 'verse books. But yours and Levy's and Golden's Pretty Maids are ones I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone missing the 'verse.

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