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December 27 2006

(SPOILER) Astonishing X-Men #19 out this week. It's the final plot arc and just to whet your appetite, here's a sneak preview of the first four pages.

Due to the holiday, the comic shop that I go to will not have anything new until Friday... Thank heavens for previews, I say.

And by the way, this is my first post. Hi all!
Anybody know if these lasts issues from Joss is a sixer? I presume so.

ETA: Not only does my grammar sucketh, I also can't read.

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I love that cover!
The cover is great, but I also love the alternate ones, one for each remaining issue. All six of them combined will form a huge team shot that I simply demand Marvel release as a poster. My wall must have this!

Can't wait for the final six! And also, hey, first post too!
*waves like Willow in "Doppengangland"*
I tend to skip these little previews, as I usually already know when I'm going to buy books and I'd rather wait to read the entire issue--but with AXM, I just can't seem to resist temptation.

I have to ask, how does anybody think that bringing the person who is supposed to destroy the Breakword to the Breakworld is a good idea? The readers, certainly, but that's a bit more meta than I like my X-Men to get. ;-)

Gossi: I actually believe this arc is supposed to be six issues plus a giant-sized annual, so not even flawless reading skills could have told you that on this page.
It's so frustrating when comics are delayed due to holidays.

Telltale, I don't see how taking the X-Men and especially Colossus to the Breakworld could be a good idea. Unless Brand wants to hand over Colossus to them or something. Hopefully, Joss will have some really cool twist that no one saw coming.

This is similar to one of the current plotlines in Uncanny, but at least there it makes sense that they have to take Marvel Girl with them to the Shi'ar. Colossus could easily stay behind (and babysit the students). But the X-Men didn't really have a choice to go with Brand, everything she's done so far with Ord hasn't been all that bright and this plan will probably backfire on her.
I'll be getting this tomorrow and I'll probably end up getting both covers unless I'm strong enough to resist the temptation.

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Hopefully we get it somewhere in town soon.
O ye of little faithfan.
Don't worry, I've got much. Faith, that is. I second the need for the poster!

Though the varient cover of Scott isn't the same one as the team image from the November 6th Wizard article. Anyone know what the full image looks like?

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"I'm unaware of the need for a conjunction."

Never thought a grammar lesson could be so funny - no, really, you never met my grammar teacher, her beard was quite distracting at times!
I almost died on my way to the comic store today. Yes, the one with the rude proprietor with the stereo parrots (one perched on each shoulder.) Someone ran the red light as I was turning left (I had the green turn arrow light.) Thankfully, my vigilance and the solid brakes in my Prius saved me from what would have been a high-speed collision.

And the rude proprietor belittled me for my naive enthusiasm, foolish hope that #19 would be there, waiting for me. Somehow, he managed to make me feel stupid (again) despite my shaken relief at the near miss outside his shop.

So I live another day - a day when I will be able to procure this bit of entertainment. But I will never (I swear again) visit his shop again. I have been warned.
Merry after Christmas, Joss, and Happy 2007! And in Brian K. Vaughan's latest Top 5 Comics of the Week post on his message board (and MySpace), BKV said this:

No new comics from me for once, so please buy these books instead:

ASTONISHING X-MEN 19: I'd hate to be the dude to have to follow this writer on a book.

Well played, sir, well played! ;-)
Ouch! Rebuked by His Purpleness. I don't read any other X-Men stories and don't understand the intricacies. Taking Colossus to the Breakworld does seem to be kind of escalating for reasons we don't know, but I have fan-faith.

napua, I think nasty Comic Book Guys are on their way out. There are still a few left, but in my experience they're getting nicer and notice how much nicer book store and record store people are getting, too? The interwebs are killing them.
X-men in space! again!

Joss's third forray into space sounds very promising.
It's been a hell of a ride so far...

I trust my Joss (yeah, yeah - nobody likes a suck up :) )
"Always Trust in Joss" has been my motto since, oh, around Buffy season 2 sometime. It worked for the Xander-Cordelia thing, it worked for the arrival of Dawn, it worked for bringing Wesley to Angel, it worked for the Wolfram & Hart move... and on and on. I barely even have to think about it anymore; I just automatically trust that Joss as a storyteller knows exactly what he's doing, and no matter how crushing the results are (coughTaracough), they will ultimately make narrative sense and I'll look back and have trouble imagining things any other way.
Joss wears monkey-pants, pass it on. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (aka on-topic), I'm really looking forward to this (Wesley voice on)iss-ue(Wesley voice off) and the final arc of Joss' AXM run and I have faith that all will make sense/be explained/rip my heart out and stomp on it :) Can't wait!
Joss wears monkey-pants, pass it on.

Joss is French?
Telltale - now, you're getting the idea. Its like a huge game of Internet Telephone (not to be confused with VoIP).
Joss is the only cookie man that gets to wear any clothes.

Is this how the issue starts? didn't we get to see something different on december 8th? It made more sense.
I mean they get transported in the middle of a big fight.

Any way, hello everybody! This is my first post here also.
Joss is the only cookie man that gets to wear any clothes.

Joss isn't wearing any clothes. Pass it on.
Is this how the issue starts?

Those preview pages are 11, 12, 13 and 14 of the issue.

The first four pages of the actual issue are .

As usual, Joss delivers an issue full of fun, angst, a mighty cliffhanger... and Colossus trying to make a joke.

Well played, sir, well played.

Joss isn't wearing any clothes. Pass it on.

Pass what on??
His clothes. Apparently, we stole them.

I have to ask, how does anybody think that bringing the person who is supposed to destroy the Breakword to the Breakworld is a good idea? The readers, certainly, but that's a bit more meta than I like my X-Men to get. ;-)

I concede defeat--S.W.O.R.D.-lady is sneakier than I would have thought. My fanfaith was weak.

And Kitty's talk about Piotr leaving her before? Makes me think that this time, she'll be doing the leaving.
at least she And you know what *that* means....
Makes me think that this time, she'll be doing the leaving.

Yes, Joss made me think that as well :-)

He's very crafty, you know.

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