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December 28 2006

Amber Benson's "Gryphon" to debut January 27 on Sci-Fi Channel. The network page for the movie has a spiffy shot of her in her chainmail hat that makes her look about twelve, but not much else info.

Awwww. Tara of Arc. Very cute.
SciFi movies generally make me yawn a lot, but I'll make a special point to watch Amber in this. Tara of Arc looks too sweet in the pic not to.
I agree. I saw that holiday movie she had on Lifetime last week, "Holiday Wishes". She looked great in that one, but the plot went from "Freaky Friday" (involving two girls who switched bodies) to a search for a missing sister and some ex-boyfriend who has a secret (namely that ). Hopefully, Tara of Arc will be a woman of action, and I'd like to see that.
I love Amber Benson and the movies that she has made, so I will tune in.
I'll definitely be watching this. That picture alone has me hooked.
Agreed, mad props to the picture for being all awesome and such. I also hope to watch this, mainly 'cause it has Amber. Alive (unlike poor ol' Tara), which is very much a great thing.
Hopefully, Amber's just copying the embattled of Arc look and won't end up like Joan, even if she feels like one. You never can tell with SciFi movies, but this one looks really exciting.
Twelve tops, zengrrl! I hope it's successful for Amber's sake.
Hey, just for the audacious concept of Amber Benson as a sword-swingin' warrior queen, I'd tune in to this! Tara d'Arc indeed....
I like most SciFi movies. Some I adore, if not quite love. I hope this is one of the good ones. I last saw Amber in an ep of Supernatural where she was given nothing to do dramatically which was disappointing. I'll watch and see how this one turns out.
SciFi movies are getting much better than they used to be. "The Lost Room" is a prime example. But honestly, I'd watch this even if it was the worst rated film of the year of course :-)

"Tara of Arc" is adorable btw, cute phrase. Let's hope it ends better for her though!
Lord, I hope it is better than Holiday Wishes, which was pretty horrid. Even with Amber in it.
Yes, love Amber as I do, "Holiday Wishes" was still pretty terrible (no fault to Ms Benson, though, who had only horrible material with which to work)! Gryphon looks to be at the above-average end of the spectrum of SciFi creature features (above "Mansquito" but below "Anaconda," perhaps - even though the latter isn't originally from SciFi), so the addition of Amber can only make it better! :-D
Can Amber possibly get any MORE adorable in that image. :o I find myself now sulking in a corner for not having access to the Sci-fi channel.
Amber is a wonderful actress, producer, and writer. No doubt about it. I also saw Holiday Wishes and she did good with what she had (linear, predictable storyline). Her own movie Chance was much better, I thought.

As for Tara, she's not dead. In one alternate reality, she was brought back in Season 8 (i.e. Many writers on have brought her back also. As for Joss and the canon Season 8, who knows if he'll bring her back or not. He really should (because she was always such an interesting character), but then Joss gives us what we "need", not necessarily what we "want."

Yeah, still a little bitter about her death, but then I'm a Willow and Tara fan. :)
The violent accidental murder of Tara was one of the top television moments in my life. Shocking yes , but I love it when TV can make me feel. It doesn't happen a lot.
Hey I just found this better description:

In this epic fantasy, a prince and princess from opposing sides of two warring kingdoms must join forces to defeat a mystical gryphon that was conjured by an evil wizard bent on bringing both their lands under his sinister control.

So do you think Amber plays the Princess who leads the army? That would be lovely!
"The violent accidental murder of Tara was one of the top television moments in my life. Shocking yes , but I love it when TV can make me feel. It doesn't happen a lot."

The hardest thing in the world is to...... not take the bait! :-) So I will just say here, for me it was the worst, not the top, moment. Ever.

quantumac is, of course, referring to Jet Wolf's Buffy continuation, which is now into S9, after a superb S8 of 22 episodes and nearly 2000 pages of text- and Tara. Brought back realistically and with implication- and the scene where Willow finally has to sit and tell Tara what happened when she was gone is just incredible, just phenomenal. Because you don't get to hear it, only see it, and it hits all the harder as a result.
For some reason (and yes I know there are only "X" number of plots that can possibly exist) the summary on thsir eminds me of _Krull_. Then again, I'm one of the half dozen people who liked that movie so....
Sigh, too bad I've been TV-less for over 4 years now....

(Content Warning:egotistical comments follow)

Still not sure how to choreograph my own Tara-resurrrection but I know one person at "another website" who's working on a novel-length version.

I'm thinking my own next project is to read soem police procedurals and do a screenplay for Will Smith as a detective facing near-burnout, SMG as his rookie partner, a cheaper Daniel Craig type as the serial kiler they're chasing and Amber in the small but important aprt of SMG's exasperated girlfriend.
I don't think this looks particularly promising but I will probably watch it if I can just for Amber. And as for Tara's death, as much as I miss the character, I have to admit that I think resurrection would cheapen her death and Willow's reaction to it somewhat.

Even though many characters in the Buffyverse have returned from the dead somehow, Buffy is one of the only people who has managed to come back as the same person (and after some severe psychological adjustment).

Almost everyone else has been either a vampire, ghost, dream, memory or incarnation of The First. I think a lot of the power of some of the most important Buffyverse deaths (beyond the brilliant writing, acting and direction) is that the characters have remained dead. Joyce, Doyle and Tara being three very good examples. And I think if people are genuinely resurrected then it sort of cheapens the importance of death in the Buffyverse (we have all been terrified throughout the seasons of our favourite characters dying, and if anyone can be brought back then the fear factor is eliminated) and the original death itself.

Granted, I think they pulled off Buffy's resurrection very well, but in terms of tragedy season five's finale "The Gift" would have been a much better ending for Buffy as a character. The two seasons which followed were fantastic and perhaps a necessary conclusion to the show as a whole, but did lessen the impact of her tragic death in "The Gift".
Only one more day of waiting... I can hardly...

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