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December 29 2006

Amazon Warrior Woman to Harried and Married Mother of (at least) Two. Gina Torres is co-starring in the Chris Rock-directed and led film "I Think I Love My Wife."

Gina plays the wife of Chris Rock's character, who begins to question his life and his marriage after the arrival of a buddy's ex-mistress fans the flames of lustful fantasies due to the fact Gina's character is suffering from your standard working woman burnout emotionally and phsyically. And it's a comedy film...check out the trailer to better understand my interest ;D

Gotta say...this film looks mighty interesting. Especially to see how Gina handles her screen-hubby's sense of hilarious observational humour :D

Gina plays a character whose husband fantasizes about sex with some other woman. Not to mention that "married to (skinny little) Chris Rock" part. So -- this is science fiction? ;-)
Is Chris Rock actually taller than Gina?

I Think I Love My Wife
is a remake of the 1972 French film L'Amour l'après-midi (known as Chloe In The Afternoon here in the U.S.). I have hopes for it, as Rock co-wrote it with Louis C.K. (who worked with him on The Chris Rock Show), and Louis C.K.'s a hilarious comedian. This could go either way; regardless I'll still see it to support Gina.
IOW, Everybody Hates Chris (for not loving his wife!)
billz: "So -- this is science fiction? ;-):"

Seriously. I can only be happy that Gina keeps working and gets more recognition, but this is la-la-land, where someone that looks like Gina is the ho-hum wife whose husband fantasizes about sex elsewhere...

I mean, yeah, a marriage can get ho-hum for a number of reasons, and looks ain't everything, but this seriously stretches credibility... it's like casting Jude Law or Jake Gyllenhaal as the boring-stay-at-home hubbie.
Everyone is right, and to your words I add my own:

Chris Rock is one lucky sonofagun. We're lending him our Goddess, for Joss' sake!
Good for Gina. Leading role in a high-profile movie is what I see. Science fiction, fantasy? Maybe, but who cares. This is a big step for her.

Congratulations Ms. Torres!
I expect her to deck him with one punch at some point in the film.
There's a list of comedies to look forward to in 2007, and Gina's movie is on it, as well as one for Alan Tudyk.
Due out late April, it is called Death at a Funeral and is supposed to be "A Dark British Comedy, " directed by Frank Oz of Yoda/Muppets fame. Hmmmm....
Ack, the linkage. My apologies. Let me try that again.
ok, why didn't the html tag thing work? Anyone?
I don't care much for Chris Rock,but I would watch Gina Torres in anything. I will definitely check this movie out and I hope my wife doesn't get the wrong idea while watching it with me. Maybe I shouldn't drool while watching Gina, or at least I should try not to drool while watching Gina.
Well, at least she's beautiful as always.

Here's what you do: [a href=url "target=_blank"[Name Link[/a]
Replace the [ ] with < >

and you get, Upcoming 2007 Comedies
Well looking at the poster it looks like he is taking our goddess for granted and going for a younger bitca (I'm sure, just from looking at the poster, that Gina makes him see the error of his ways!). I've been really loving 'Everybody Hates Chris', so I probably would have gone to see this even if my BDH wasn't in it.
The Trailer is very good. Reminds me of a film Bruce Dern made long ago called "Middle Aged Crazy". I think this'll be a good vehicle for Gina, as long as she's not just background window dressing or a foil for his jokes. What little of her there is in the Trailer, she appears to be getting some good Acting in, as opposed to just posing. I'm gonna go see it!
Gina Torres rocks!! Should I worry that I can't decide whether I would want her to be my best friend, my mother or my boss?
The young temptress is F4's Alicia Masters and the original Majandra from Wonderfalls.
...this is la-la-land, where someone that looks like Gina is the ho-hum wife whose husband fantasizes about sex elsewhere...

Believe me. It's not about being "la-la land".
It's nothing to do with whether the wife is a hottie or not. It's about [pardon me for being crass] the p***y.
It happens quite a bit. We just know about when it happens to celebrity couples a la Kobe Bryant, whose wife is gorgeous.

I used to wonder how a man could have sex with another woman if his wife is hot.
Then I got older & wiser, it dawned on me why.
It's all about the p***y. Period.
So when you see a plot about a man with a wife played by any number of gorgeous actresses, and you wonder "WTF is wrong with THAT guy?! She's hot!!", just know that it happens.
; )
And yes, I'm glad to see Gina working.
Which brings me to the fact that I have the Best Sister EVER:
For ChristmaHanuKwanzaa she gave me, amongst other things, the DVD set of Cleopatra 2525 starring "Action Goddess" Gina Torres!!!
This looks actually funny, and I like some of Chris Rock's brand of humour. However if it was Zoe up there... not only would she be wearing slinky slinky dresses... she would punch that hussie out using the handle of her shotgun, and then (almost) kill Chris Rock for even thinking of looking at that hussie. And have really good make up sex.

ETA: I looked atthe films interested... that "fanboys" comedy looks interesting, I wonder why *scratches chin*

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It looks a bit predictable but Gina and Chris are good actors so I think I'll check this one out on video.
I can't help but imagine Jasmine when she smiles and when she had a stern expression, I thought of Zoe.
Mixed feelings about this - but, hey. It's Gina. Of course I'll give it a try - but I agree with you, VaderDawsn. Somewhat predictable. Oh, well. Yaaay for more Gina-air-time, at least. :)
I think this actually looks quite good considering the subject matter (when it would be so much easier to go for the completely inane gross out route á la Scary Movie or American Pie). Good to see Gina getting more work and looking stunning. That line about drapes is pretty funny. And does anyone else think the mistress' line, "I got skills!" is reminiscent of Faith's assertation to Wood- "I got mad skills!"
I just saw the trailer for this in the theater (before 'Dream Girls') it looks funny and Gina looks to have a real role to play in it. I'm definitely going to go see this one!

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