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December 29 2006

Trailer for 'White Noise 2: The Light'. Gravelly voice over man? Check. Flashy vaguely frightening images? Check. Far too brief shots of Nathan Fillion? Check.

If anybody is wondering, this trailer is almost exactly the same as the trailer for the first movie (which was a surprise hit, taking $92m at the box office). The poster is the same deal - in fact, it might as well be the same poster with the name changed on it. That said, in the UK they have produced this trailer a week before the film opens -- which is really, really late to do that -- so god knows if people will actually know about the film.
Just freaked myself out using the 'send trailer to a friend' thing!

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I think the send trailer thing would have worked better on me if they'd actually had my name. LOL But I agree it's a bit freaky.

There is another, more Nathan-centric, trailer up at the fansite, for anyone interested.

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Thanks, zengrrl... That's more like it! The filmclip they have looks suitably scary. Should be fun!
When I first heard of this I thought it was going to be direct to DVD, and after seeing that trailer, maybe it should be...
I disagree GrapenutsRobot. IMHO, it looks a lot better than most of the horror flicks I've seen in theaters this past year...and I've seen just about all of them. LOL
I've heard people say it's definately going to be better than the first one - and you don't have to have seen the first one to see the second one... The more I've looked into this movie (and I have a lot LOL) the more I'm looking forward to seeing it should it make it to Australia
If anybody is interested, the rumour is that Universal have pushed it back in the US because of the DRIVE announcement -- if DRIVE hits big (say, 10 million viewers) and they go to theatres, they will actually include Nathan in the trailers then I suspect. Plus, using the UK as a cheap test bed is probably also an idea.

Anyway, I saw the poster all over a bus today. I'll watch it when it arrives next Friday and see if it's any good. I will say that if the first movie made $90m+ at the theatre two years ago, and had basically the same advertising... It does actually make sense to give this one a shot.
Okay, I seriously can't find the trailer on the fansite. I see clips but not trailers.
Indeed, they're clips. I sent one of the emails to myself from the official site (yes, I am bored again) - and it's the tackiest thing I've seen recently, to be honest. Seriously. Who made that?
All I remember about the first one, other than the fact it was bad, is at the end theres a lot of rain. I only remember this because I needed the toilet at the time. Shows what an impact it had upon me.
eh, clips...trailers...they both serve the same purpose, to promote the flick. :)
FYI, the US trailer is out in direct download Quicktime format: here. It says "Coming Soon", to reflect the release date change in the US. That said, the fact they've made a theatrical trailer suggests it may still get a US theatrical release.
Okay, I just watched the trailer gossi posted and I have to say, that looks GREAT!

I think it definitely will get a US theatrical release -- when is the question. Will it be put near 'Drive' to reflect the show's ratings appeal (hopefully there is one)? Or is it going to get its own release? Hmmmm...
It's not going to be hard to top the first one; it was completely horrible.
Wasn't Starbuck in that movie as well ? I mean the new one, not the old Starbuck.

Although the man has flattering nostrils I longed to see more of the woman.
Yes, Katee Sackoff is in the movie with Nathan.
Katee Sackhoff gave a radio interview a couple of weeks ago and said the movie had been delayed 'til March, and that was a good sign because because they were originally planning to dump it in January, but thought it was good and wanted to give it a better release. However, I think the arguments above that they're waiting to see how Drive does and how it raises Nathan's profile are plausible, so it could be longer than that.
Also, is there anything going on with BSG around that time? Cause raising Katee Sackhoff's profile would be great for the movie as well, since she's on one of the most acclaimed shows on televisions rightn ow.
Also, is there anything going on with BSG around that time?

Well the movie release in the UK more or less ties in with the premiere of BSG season 3 on Sky One. Dunno about the US.
If I'm counting right, and I may not be, season 3 of BSG should be ending in the U.S. in March. That's assuming that 3.5 starts Jan. 21 and airs continuously.
Drive may be on the air in March, but probably back end. If the studio plays it's cards right, BSG and Drive will be on the air on release.

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