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December 30 2006

Homo sapiens whedonum. Author Peter Watts (or some guy from FizerPharm) provides slideshow to explain vampires. Very clever.

This presentation has done rounds in cons, part of background material for his new book Blindsight, which can also be downloaded under Creative Commons.

Oh dear. Brilliant.

Orthogonality saves the human race!
Yeah, that was a pretty in-depth presentation, and I really like the humor of it, as well.
This presentation is fascinating and frighteningly believable. Thanks for sharing.
Marvellous - the slogan at the end is fantastic. Made me feel like I was back at Uni
Oh heavens, death of the subject doesn't indicate a failure of the treatment (we hear this often in American medicine). *shudder*
That's just wonderful. Thanks, futile.

This actually starting me speculating about the prion problem in terms of blood-drinking. That would also help them avoid prion diseases by avoiding ingesting nerve tissue, in addition to their resistance.
Very clever - and those slogans are chillingly plausible (reminiscent of Goliath Inc for Fforde fans.) Great find!
Noooo ! Don't bring them back, look at 'Jurassic Park', life (or, in this case, unlife) will find a way !

Heh, very nice. Bit of science, bit of satire and a smattering of Joss, what's not to like ?

(liked the 'explanation' of the cross aversion especially, the sub-species aspect seemed a bit inconsistent but it left room for a funny crack at ID so i'll stop grousing ;)

Were "Health for the haves" and "Flexible ethics for a complex world" lifted directly from current political manifestos or what, BTW ?

(not to be contrary but aren't prion diseases - and their victims - extremely rare ? Maybe 5 per million people, maybe even less ? So, assuming we're trying for a strictly biological explanation of vamps I don't see there being enough selective pressure to evolve much of a specific resistance - just a generally more effective immune system would've made more sense to me. OK, maybe a bit contrary ;)
not to be contrary but aren't prion diseases - and their victims - extremely rare?

They're rare among non-cannibals. And probably the or one of the main reasons why cannabalism is rare in higher mammals. See kuru.

(which also appears in the webcomic above, wierd)
Wow. I'm actually convinced that vampires are the key to a better tomorrow. Anyone know where I can buy stock in this company?
Man, that was hilarious and just a little bit frightening. Perfect thing to come across on a rainy day.
Great find- stock sounds good, so, where's the nearest blood bank? ;)
That took a lot of work. And was rather chillingly plausible. Three cheers for Canada not giving them a grant! ;-)
Where did they get the photos? The speaker's calm voice reminded me of my professors, creepy, but it will probably make class a little more interesting for a while, imagining them with "flexible morals"
This is beyond fantastic. Truly brilliant!
Well that was eerily interesting. :o
"Death of the subject doesn't indicate a failure of the treatment"
-Does this remind anyone else of Dr Mathias from the BDM?
That was very brilliant and also creepy and I found it quiet plausible as fiction. If that had been a book, I'd have been enthralled reading it. Wonderful and highly imaginative. Loved the slogan at the end.

Thanks for the link!
Heee. World War V.
Boy, was that beautifully done. Love the satire. It was satire, right?
That was fucking brilliant. Thanks! Now I want to read that book, even though it seems the whole vampire thing looks to only be a small side portion of the story itself.

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